Cadmium Recycling Board

Available: Cadmium Residues

Product:Cadmium plate of Ni-Cd battery
Quantity:250 mt
Price:FOB Iran Price: content of Cadmium*25%price of Cadmium
Terms:L/C or (D/P+20% DOWN PAYMENT)
More info:These Cadmium plate come from big Ni-Cd battery.From 1 kg of Cadmium plate you can get 500 gr Cadmium powder and the content of cadmium in cadmium powder is %45-%47 so we can say in 1 kg of cadmium plate amount of Cadmium is 22%-23%.

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Contact person:Hamed Rahmani
Tel.:+98 912 101 2272
Fax:+98 21 88682745

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