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Available: Potassium Perrhenate

Product: Rhenium Ore Available
Terms: COD , L/C
More info: contact us for more info

Country: Cameroon
Company: BAI Mning Co
Contact person: Duna Jon
Tel.: bulaassociatesinc@gmail.com
Fax: +237243119006

Posted: 10 May 2016, 11:50 GMT. Permalink

Available: Potassium Perrhenate

Product: Rhenium Metal Powder, REMP
Specs: Purity (*) 99.90% min. Sulphur 30 ppm max. Carbon 50 ppm max
Quantity: TILL 1.000 KG
Price: 4400 USD MT CIF
Terms: Letter of credit Irrevocable & Confirmed at sight.
More info: Origin South América.
Contact by email

Country: Argentina
Company: Emdiscom
Company website: http://www.emdiscom.com.ar
Contact person: MIGUEL
Tel.: 0054 376 154636308

Posted: 8 November 2012, 21:38 GMT. Permalink

Available: Potassium Perrhenate

Product: Red Mercury
Terms: FOB
More info: We are reliable and trustable direct sellers of Red and white mercury We sales below international market rate, any interested buyer should kindly contact us for more details().

Kind regards,
Mr. Gibson Adjei

Country: Ghana
Company: Field Royal Limited
Contact person: Mr. Gibson Adjei
Tel.: +233541857237

Posted: 24 August 2012, 13:54 GMT. Permalink

Available: Ammonium Perrhenate

Product: Ammonium Perrhenate
Specs: NH4ReO4 99.99%min,Re 69.4%min
Quantity: 100kgs
More info: Appearance: White crystals
Common uses: Used for bimetallic Pt / Re reforming catalyst, production of rhenium metal and perrhenic acid.


Accords with Q/CAZV001-2010 standard

NH4ReO4 99.99%min

Re 69.4%min

Posted: 22 June 2011, 00:25 GMT. Permalink

Available: Potassium Perrhenate

Product: Rhenium

Company: JSC "Anvikta"
Contact person: Arthur Kovalsky
Tel.: 37038674272
Fax: 37038674272

Posted: 29 May 2010, 10:08 GMT. Permalink

Trading: Potassium Perrhenate, Ammonium Perrhenate

Product: Potassium perrhenate / APR
Price: $4,000/kg
More info: We buy potassium perrhenate for our own conversion into APR on a constant basis.

Please offer.

We offer APR for sale. Please contact for quote.

Country: Czech Republic
Company: Super Alloy Metals
Company website: http://superalloys.biz
Contact person: Boris Libenson
Tel.: +420723979805
Fax: +972 (57) 7979844

Posted: 18 June 2007, 17:47 GMT. Permalink