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Wanted: Antimony Ore

Product: Antimony ore/concentrate
Specs: Sb 45% minimum
Weight: 100 M.T. per month
More info: Jerry Lefson
Ryme Resources Inc. Montreal Canada
tel; 1 514 998 4821
email; rymeres at generation dot net

Country: Canada
Company: Ryme Resources Inc
Contact person: Jerry Lefson
Tel.: 1 514 998 4821
Fax: 1 514 488 2827

Posted: 22 December 2016, 19:59 GMT. Permalink

Wanted: Antimony Ore


Country: Austria
Company: Eurolink
Contact person: Walter Wolf
Tel.: 0043 664 8791448
Fax: skype id: walter.wolf58

Posted: 24 August 2016, 10:14 GMT. Permalink

Available: Antimony Ore

Product: Antimony Ore
Specs: Pb=55% ,Sb=20%
Quantity: 5000 MT/ MONTH
Weight: Buyer's Request
Price: $2000 - $3500 ( Negotiatable )
Terms: T/T , Negotiatable
More info: We have available Antimony Ore for sale
at a very good and best price. We deliver world wide. 100% original Quality.

Country: Turkey
Contact person: BUDAL AHMED
Tel.: 0090 531 240 6266

Posted: 27 April 2015, 00:43 GMT. Permalink

Trading: Antimony Ore

Product: GOLD BARS
Specs: 22+KARAT
Quantity: 100KG
Weight: 100KG
Price: 30.000USD/KG
Terms: TT
More info: Dear Sir

We are local miners located in Cameroon and we sell au gold dust and
bars with the bellow specifications

The commodity/particulars that the Seller has offered and will supply
to the Buyer are as follows:

Country: Cameroon
Contact person: Salif Usman
Tel.: 237 72792271

Posted: 15 April 2015, 17:55 GMT. Permalink

Available: Antimony Ore

Product: Antimony Ore
Quantity: 3,000MT /Month
Price: $3,000 to $5,000 /MT
Terms: T/T,Western Union,L/C
More info: Antimony Ore for sale
for sale at very competitive prices , we deliver world wide .

Country: Cameroon
Tel.: +23776866282

Posted: 16 January 2015, 15:41 GMT. Permalink

Available: Antimony Ore

Product: Antimony Ore
Specs: 1. Pb/Sb≤0.35% As/Sb≤0.8%. 2. Lump ore particle size: e
Quantity: 1000MT
Weight: 10 000KG
Price: $00
Terms: LC/TT
More info: Standard Quality

1. Pb/Sb≤0.35% As/Sb≤0.8%.

2. Lump ore particle size: exceed 30mm, less than 150mm.

3. Lump Standard: Sb≥20% or 5%≤Sb<30%,

4. Powder ore standard Sb≥25%,

5. Floating selected sand mine standard: Sb≥30%.

Country: Turkey
Company: ADO Gümrük Müşavirliği Ltd. Şti.
Company website:
Contact person: Mr Ashim Hammad
Tel.: +90 531 7941236
Fax: +90 531 577 03 02

Posted: 3 September 2013, 04:23 GMT. Permalink

Available: Antimony Ore

Product: antimony ore
Specs: Sb +35% metal content
Quantity: +100metric tonnes/ month
More info: we are mining antimony ore and we looking for partners in business/joint venture/ any source of investment.we sitting on a 25 ha mine with vast reserves of Sb.there is also room for expansion. very strategic position in terms of power n water. pliz d

Country: Zimbabwe
Company: S and D Mining Company
Contact person: Dennis Zivu
Tel.: 00263776315930

Posted: 30 April 2013, 10:24 GMT. Permalink

Available: Antimony Ore

Product: Antimony ore
Specs: Sb 14.2%, Au 13.6 gms / mt
Quantity: 1000 mt per month
Terms: CFR Chinese main port
More info: Granulometry 100 mesh

Payment : sight/usance L/C to HSBC Bank London

Packing : 1/2 mt big bags

Origin S. America

Loading : To commence with 15 days iof receipt of workable L/C

Assay : Available on request

Price : Ab @ usd / MMT + Au

Country: United Kingdom
Contact person: Shontu Das Gupta
Tel.: + 44 798 4494294
Fax: + 44 1753 591538
Company: Westport Ventures Limited

Posted: 9 December 2012, 11:04 GMT. Permalink

Available: Antimony Ore

Product: Antimony Ore, ingot and Powder Now Selling
Specs: Sb 99.9% min As 0.04% max Fe 0.02% max S 0.04% max Cu 0.01%
Quantity: 3000 MT/Month
Price: 1400 US$
Terms: 20% Deposit
More info: We are Spring field export LTD, we have sale's mandate and also
represent Mining companies here in Cameroon to promote their sales
requirement of Antimony Ore, Ingot and Powder.

See specifiactions

Sb 99.9% min
As 0.04% max
Fe 0.02% max
S 0

Country: Cameroon
Company: Spring Field LTD
Contact person: Musa
Tel.: 77004556

Posted: 26 April 2012, 11:55 GMT. Permalink

Available: Antimony Ore

Product: Antimony Ore
Specs: Antimony (Sb):50.00 % min. Iron (Fe) : 1.0% max. Lead (Pb)
Quantity: 1000 tons
Terms: 30% deposit
More info: We are mining antimony in Zimbabwe.and we have huge reserves wich gives us the capacity to supply over 5000 tons per month

Country: Zimbabwe
Contact person: Smart Chireru
Tel.: 00263779861922

Posted: 16 April 2012, 10:19 GMT. Permalink