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Available: Cadmium Residues, Sponge

Product: Gold Bars Gold Bullion Gold Powder Gold Dust Gold Nuggets
Specs: 99.99% purity
Quantity: 580 kg available CIF
Weight: 40 mm thickness
Price: contact us
Terms: CIF
More info: We are Direct manufacturer and supplier from west Africa to Europe,we offer quality products,we exports a variety of products Ranging from, gold bullion, gold bars, gold dore gold dust gold nuggets and many more

Country: Russian Federation
Company: Golden section company
Company website:
Contact person: Andrey
Tel.: +79060674415
Fax: +79060674415

Posted: 1 November 2016, 12:27 GMT. Permalink

Available: Cadmium Residues

Product: Scrap Tires,Scrap clothes,pet bottle scrap
Quantity: 1000mt/month
Price: negotibale
Terms: fob,c&f,cif
More info: we are reliable suppliers of the above products and willing to sign long term contracts.
Contact for more details.

Country: Cameroon
Company: Global Delta Export
Contact person: Cliff benson

Posted: 26 August 2013, 14:00 GMT. Permalink

Available: Cadmium Residues, Sponge

Specs: 22+ CARAT
Quantity: 400KG
Weight: KG
Price: 32,000
Terms: CIF
We are group of local miners Which Have our own mine company in Betour,Cameroon,
Our price is reasonable compare to the world market, and We have 400 kg at the moment for sale.
The quality of our gold is 22 ka

Country: Cameroon
Tel.: 0023772262329

Posted: 5 April 2013, 23:42 GMT. Permalink

Available: Cadmium Residues, Sponge

Product: scrap manufacturers
Quantity: 90000mt
Price: 450usd/mt
Terms: TT
More info: Dear Sir

We are one of the leading supplies of all kinds of scrap in Cameroon. We assure you of high quality scrap at affordable prices.We have above 9000mt for sell.Our MOQ is 20mt.Interested buyers should not hesitate to contact us for their sup

Country: Cameroon
Company: mbalmayo local miners ltd
Contact person: ms prisca ndip
Tel.: 23779294952

Posted: 31 March 2012, 10:07 GMT. Permalink

Available: Cadmium Residues

Product: Cadmium plate of Ni-Cd battery
Quantity: 250 mt
Price: FOB Iran Price: content of Cadmium*25%price of Cadmium
Terms: L/C or (D/P+20% DOWN PAYMENT)
More info: These Cadmium plate come from big Ni-Cd battery.From 1 kg of Cadmium plate you can get 500 gr Cadmium powder and the content of cadmium in cadmium powder is %45-%47 so we can say in 1 kg of cadmium plate amount of Cadmium is 22%-23%.

Country: Iran
Company: Rahmanico
Company website:
Contact person: Hamed Rahmani
Tel.: +98 912 101 2272
Fax: +98 21 88682745

Posted: 7 June 2011, 09:47 GMT. Permalink

Available: Cadmium Residues

Product: Camium- Tin scrap metal

Posted: 19 February 2010, 16:48 GMT. Permalink

Available: Cadmium Residues

Product: Cd-sludge in big bags
Specs: approx. 18% Cd and 50% moisture
Weight: 45 mt p.a.

Country: Germany
Company: Sudamin Rohstoff GmbH
Company website:
Contact person: Mr. Martin Pothfelder
Tel.: +49 (0)203 31866-0
Fax: +49 (0)203 31866-90

Posted: 17 February 2010, 06:47 GMT. Permalink

Wanted: Cadmium Residues, Sponge

Product: copper-cadmium cement, cadmium sponge
More info: We are interested in secondary materials(by-products) as following:
copper-cadmium cement, purification cake, cadmium sponge, lead-cadmium dust(Pb-Cd dust), etc.
Please contact with us if you can supply any kind of above materials.

Country: China
Company: Shaanxi Sengen Co., Ltd.
Contact person: Liu Ying

Posted: 24 July 2008, 22:29 GMT. Permalink

Available: Cadmium Residues

Product: Cadmium residues
Specs: Cd - 50%, Zn - 15-25%
Weight: 5,000 mt
Terms: Immediately
More info: Also available copper-cadmium residues

Country: Czech Republic
Company: Super Alloy Metals
Company website:
Contact person: Boris Libenson
Tel.: +420723979805
Fax: +972 (57) 7979844

Posted: 21 August 2005, 19:17 GMT. Permalink