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Available: Cadmium

Product: Concentrate Cadmiun
Specs: Purity 55%+
Quantity: 1000MT/Month
Weight: 20000MT
Price: 0.7*LME*%purity
Terms: FOB Peru
More info: Shape: powdered
Size: mesh 100

Posted: 28 March 2016, 11:21 GMT. Permalink

Available: Cadmium

Product: Red mercury
Specs: SPECIFICATION - purity = 99.999%. - Free from heavy metals
Quantity: above material available
Weight: 100kg
Price: 20.000$ per kg
Terms: 50% advance and 50% after delivery
- purity = 99.999%.
- Free from heavy metals
- Physical State: Liquid
- Appearance: silver
- Odor: odorless
- PH: Not available.
- Vapor Pressure: 0.002 mm Hg
- Vapor Density: 7.0
- Evaporation Rate: Not available.
- Viscosi

Company: Chemicals Product Ltd
Contact person: Mr Muscat Mohamed
Tel.: +974 74063920
Fax: +974 55783637

Posted: 6 August 2013, 00:30 GMT. Permalink

Wanted: Cadmium

Product: Cadmium Mining
Specs: 99,5%-99,9%
Quantity: 100M/T
Terms: CIF Rotterdam

Posted: 17 May 2011, 04:43 GMT. Permalink

Available: Cadmium

Product: Praesodymiun Ore
Specs: 30%minimum and containing Cerium
Quantity: 1000kg
Price: $200 per lb
Terms: FOB Lagos Nigeria
More info: We can also ship by air per each 1tonne as CIF your destination

Company: Bay Royal International Ltd
Contact person: Mr. Peter Owoeye
Tel.: +234-8039123546

Posted: 18 October 2010, 18:54 GMT. Permalink

Available: Cadmium

Product: Cadmium salts
Specs: Cd Oxide, Sulfate, Nitrate, Sulfide, Carbonate, Nitrate, etc
More info: We have available a full range of Cadmium based chemicals such as

Cadmium Sulfide (CdS - also for use in Cd-Te thin-film solar cells)
Cadmium Sulfate (CdSO4)
Cadmium Carbonate (CdCO3)
Cadmium Chloride (CdCl2)
Cadmium Nitrate (Cd(NO3)2)

Country: Italy
Company: ALDODEI 1946
Company website:
Contact person: Giacomo Bertolio
Tel.: +390118900414
Fax: +390118990363

Posted: 8 October 2008, 14:25 GMT. Permalink