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Available: Cobalt Cathodes

Product:Cobalt electrolityc
Specs:99.99 % of purity - granuled
Quantity:17 mts
Weight:250 kgs per drum
Price:18000 usd per ton
Terms:Payment by T/T
More info:We are looking for serious buyers so we could establish a long term business.
Buyer must come to inspect the goods before shipment.

Company:Somico/African Minerals
Contact person:Clement Msuya
Tel.:+ 255 786021021
Fax:+ 255 22 2771081

Posted: 19 June 2007, 06:56 GMT. Permalink

Available: Cobalt

Specs:2-10nm, 0, 1 mkm, 1 mkm, purity: 99, 0-99, 9%
Terms:After 14 days from the L/C verification.

Country:United Kingdom
Company:Vento Finance Ltd.
Contact person:Antanas Jasudis
Tel.:0044 1234 325985
Fax:0044 1234 330008

Posted: 9 November 2006, 07:51 GMT. Permalink