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Wanted: Tantalite

Product: Tantalite concentrate ore
Specs: Min 25% Ta205, Nb205 Min 20%
Quantity: 2-25,000kgs (2-25mt)
Weight: 50kg+ bags/drums.
Price: U$ 45-51/lb see below.
Terms: CIF final testing on arrival
More info: Contact us for details that we need so to make a bid.

Contact us with full details including 3rd party assay -

Ta205 content:

$45-46 lb 1-3mts (30%+)
$45-48 lb 3-5mts (25%+)
$48-51 lb 5mts+ (25%+)

Subject to location and min Nb conten

Country: United Kingdom
Company website: http://www.camscorp.com
Contact person: Simon Glossop
Tel.: 00442088341210
Fax: 00442076813831

Posted: 1 February 2017, 16:21 GMT. Permalink

Available: Tantalite

Product: tantalite
Specs: Ta2O5 30.6% ,Nb2O5 20 .5%
Quantity: 20MT
Price: letter of credit
Terms: CIF
More info: we will be interested to do business with reliable buyers.please if you are a reliable buyer contact us

Country: Tanzania
Company: globex shipping and trading co.ltd
Company website: http://www.globextradetz.com
Contact person: jack madu
Tel.: +254738842596

Posted: 27 January 2017, 00:43 GMT. Permalink

Available: Coltan

Product: Coltan Ore
Quantity: 25 MT Available
Terms: To be negociated
More info: South American Coltan Ore available and ready to ship. Terms are negotiable. We can ship from Canada or directly from South America

Please email me for more details

Country: Canada
Company: Fore Trading Ltd
Company website: http://fore-trading.com
Contact person: Carlos Karim
Tel.: 416 702 4381

Posted: 26 January 2017, 21:38 GMT. Permalink

Available: Tantalite

Product: Tantalite - Tantalita - Coltan
Specs: CIF
Quantity: 20 MT / month
Price: Port-CIF
Terms: Delivery port CIF
More info: Delivery port each 35 days (>30%Ta2O5 and >20% Nb2O5). Price CIF USD63$/lb 30 to 39% Ta2O5;
Price CIF USD66$/lb >39% Ta2O5; tags ITSCi (audited mining and mineral labeled as free of conflict) Note: calculation method only by the percentage of tan.

Country: Spain
Company: TelosWorld
Company website: http://www.telosworld.com
Contact person: Sergio Solanas
Tel.: +34 601 025954

Posted: 10 January 2017, 06:22 GMT. Permalink

Wanted: Tantalite

Product: Tantalite,
Quantity: 20 ton or more
Price: market
More info: We buy cif far east port & payment by DLC.
Jerry Lefson- rymeres at yahoo dot com
We're on SKYPE & Whats App

Country: Canada
Company: Ryme Resources Inc
Contact person: Jerry Lefson
Tel.: 1 514 998 4821
Fax: 1 514 488 2827

Posted: 27 December 2016, 14:53 GMT. Permalink

Available: Tantalite

Product: Ta205
Specs: 30% to 38%
Weight: 500 MT
Terms: The buyer will pay shipment charges
More info: Kambove Company We are Direct seller of Tantalite, Coltan,copper cathodes and Gold, Nuggets, Bars and Dust, Colbat Cathodes of various sizes and grades, if you have such needs,and after customer satisfaction with our products will be required to pay

Country: Tanzania
Company: Kambove Company
Contact person: Charles Bruno
Tel.: +255688990998
Fax: +255222421269

Posted: 22 December 2016, 16:23 GMT. Permalink

Available: Tantalite

Product: Tantalite,Coltan,Pentoxide Ta205
Specs: 30%>Ta205 - 12%>Nb205 Radioactive levels: U 0.43%-ThO2 0.4%
Quantity: 1.000 - 5.000 Kgs(1 MT-5 MT)
Weight: High Resistance Polyurethane Bags + 50 Kgs Plastic Drum
Price: FOB US$95.00 x Kg - CIF US$105.00 x Kg
Terms: FOB or CIF USA,Europe or Asia
More info: We guarantee a minimum of 30% Ta2O5 and a minimum of 12% Nb2O5 Note: Our price is very competitive since we are not pricing our coltan using the calculation method by the percentage of tantalite

Country: Colombia
Company: C.I. Coltan Corp
Contact person: Mr. Marlon Ramirez
Tel.: +573212283675

Posted: 29 November 2016, 02:37 GMT. Permalink

Available: Tantalite

Quantity: 50MT

Posted: 12 November 2016, 21:12 GMT. Permalink

Available: Tantalite

Product: Coltan, Columbite Ore
Specs: Ta205 - 42.7%, Na205 - 38.5%
Quantity: 5 - 30 MT per month
Price: $120 / kg CIF
Terms: SBLC
More info: Open to partnership

Country: Ghana
Company: T Bay Consult Ltd
Contact person: David Twum Barimah
Tel.: +233553336880

Posted: 30 September 2016, 20:19 GMT. Permalink

Available: Tantalite

Product: Tantalite /Coltan
Quantity: 40 metric tons
Price: 55 US$/Lb
Terms: FOB
More info: Coltan available from South American countries, Different ports and airports. Payment at sigth LC after quality verification by Stuart, Veritas or similar agreed by the parties.

Country: Venezuela
Company: Amazonia MInerals Group CA
Contact person: Oscar Dam G
Tel.: 584148861946

Posted: 27 August 2016, 15:05 GMT. Permalink