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Wanted: Manganese Ore

Product:Manganese ore, Manganese.
More info:Please, send us by return mail your production capability, country of origin, the name and address of your selling officer to receive our , specifications, and delivery information.
Also, we are interested in buying/acquiring/investing in a manufacturin


Posted: 17 June 2006, 11:27 GMT. Permalink

Available: Cobalt Ore

Product:Cobalt ore
More info:We can source Cobalt of any quantity with Zambia for export.

Contact Us

Company:Shibuwa Enterprises Limited
Contact person:Mr. Robert Kakundu
Tel.:0026 0977396840
Fax:0026 0977396840

Posted: 16 September 2005, 19:09 GMT. Permalink

Available: Manganese Ore

Product:Manganese Ore
Quantity:2000 mt. prompt shipment
Price:Usd72.- per mt.
Terms:FOB Bangkok main port
More info:We have 2000MT. prompt to be shiped immedietly!

Company:Worldbiz Enterprise Co.,Ltd.
Contact person:pornthanitr
Tel.:(66-2) 749 3170

Posted: 18 June 2005, 11:07 GMT. Permalink

Available: Tantalite

Specs:Ta2O5 betw. 30 &35 %
Quantity:7 tons
Price:32USS lib
Terms:Manica warehouse

Contact person:Walter Wolf
Tel.:0043 664 8791448
Fax:skype id: walter.wolf58

Posted: 11 September 2004, 08:55 GMT. Permalink