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Available: Vanadium Pentoxide

Product:Vanadium Pentoxide

Company:Ramhanu International
Contact person:Mr.Ram
Tel.:0091 9867753891

Posted: 8 August 2007, 06:14 GMT. Permalink

Wanted: Manganese Ore

Product:Manganese Ore
More info:Dear ALL,
I ma looking for Manganese Ore rfom 40-60 grade material. We are interational traders and would like to join hands with the mine owners directly.We would like to sign the deal with the mine owners for minimum 5000 tons/month and mximum 150

Company:Mehak International
Company website:http://www.ostwalgroup.com
Contact person:Naresh Jain

Posted: 8 August 2007, 05:15 GMT. Permalink

Wanted: Wolframite

Quantity:Min 1 FCL
Weight:Min 25 MT
Terms:Offers from East African Region ONLY
More info:Required Wolfram or Tungsten Ore
Buying only from East African Region (Uganda, Burundi, Rwanda)

Company website:http://saepl.com
Contact person:Arun Aggarwal

Posted: 7 July 2007, 03:41 GMT. Permalink

Available: Columbite

Product:Columbite/Tantalite ores having Ta2O5:51 to 54%, Nb2O5:22%
Specs:Ta2O5:51 to 54%, Nb2O5: 20 to 22.15% and rest are BeO/Al2o3
Terms:FOB and CIF
More info:We offer to supply Columbite-Tantalite-Coltan ores having Ta2O5:51 to 54%, Nb2O5: 20 to 22.15% and rest are BeO, Al2O3 and Sio2. Quantity: 100-200MT/month. Please mail us your inquiry with quantity and target price.
R. Lall,

Contact person:Mr. R. Lall
Tel.:91 6532 224112
Fax:91 6532 222493
Company:Hindusthan Mica Mart
Company website:http://micaexport.ebigchina.com

Posted: 19 June 2007, 10:52 GMT. Permalink

Available: Ferro Chrome

Product:Ferro chrome high carbon
Specs:Ferro chrome (high carbon) 60 to 65%
Terms:30 days
More info:Ferro Chrome (High Carbon)
Specifications: Cr 60-62%,
Si: 4% max,
C: 8% max,
S: 0.04% max,
Phos: 0.04% max,
Size: 10-100 mm (90% min)

Company:Bob Trading Private Limited
Company website:http://www.bobtrading.co.in
Contact person:Sasanka Prasad
Tel.:0091 9849974965
Fax:+91 891 2512792

Posted: 18 May 2007, 03:21 GMT. Permalink

Trading: Manganese Ore

Product:Mn ore wanted
Specs:Above mn 49 %
Quantity:500 mt / month requirement
Price:Please quote ur best price cif Kandla / Mundra / Nhavasheva - IN

Contact person:Jatin Shah
Tel.:+91 9898554414 , +91 79 25622281, 25624681
Fax:+91 79 25620620
Company:Sakar Ferro Alloys Pvt. Ltd.

Posted: 7 April 2007, 02:57 GMT. Permalink

Available: Ferro Vanadium, Vanadium Pentoxide

Product:V2O5, FeV50, FeV80
Specs:Min.98% v2o5,flakes
Quantity:Appr. 20 tons
Terms:In whs Rotterdam

Posted: 15 March 2007, 02:58 GMT. Permalink

Wanted: Ferro Molybdenum

Product:FeMo60 or FeMo65
Quantity:20 tons
Terms:Whs Rotterdam

Posted: 23 February 2007, 13:52 GMT. Permalink

Available: Chromite

Product:Chromite ore
Specs:40 -42%
Quantity:500-1000mt/ month
Terms:LC at sight
More info:We are exporter and mine owners of Manganese Ore and Chrome Ore. we are fully mechanized.

Please, feel free to contact us for business relationship.

Best regards,

Company:M A Traders
Contact person:Nasir Iqbal
Tel.:00 92 21 7619038
Fax:00 92 332 3404556

Posted: 9 February 2007, 09:22 GMT. Permalink

Wanted: Silico Manganese

Quantity:500 tons
Terms:CIF or in whs Rotterdam

Posted: 2 February 2007, 05:36 GMT. Permalink