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Available: Tantalite

More info:We sell Tantalum and Tin ores,Rough Diamonds.
We welcome any serious ,ready and a business committed buyer /buyer’s mandate to come and meet the seller at the sales office/ port of loading to see, view physically and do inspection, re- testing/

Company:Kirk Mining East Africa Limited
Contact person:Magesa Ndesanjo

Posted: 4 September 2010, 07:28 GMT. Permalink

Available: Manganese Ore

Product:Magnese mines for sale
Specs:operating mines in balaghat area
Quantity:20,40 & 125acres
Terms:only buyer may contact
More info:Mn content of the ore at these mines ranges from 38-40Grade.
Esttimated reserve 80,000-5lakhs ton

Company:NN Mines & minerals pvt ltd
Contact person:RK Agrawal

Posted: 1 September 2010, 02:38 GMT. Permalink

Available: Manganese Ore

Product:manganese ore
Specs:45% min
More info:.We can supply Manganese Ore with Mn 45% minimum. On the average the Mn grade will be 48% - 55%, rejection will be 40%.
Quantity 2000 per month on the increasing scale.
We can offer at USD195/MT FOB based on the basis of 45% mn grade. Price adjustm

Company:Fabian Mining
Contact person:Fabian Chanda

Posted: 29 August 2010, 07:59 GMT. Permalink

Available: Tantalite

Product:Tantalum Ore
Specs:TA02 31 t0 33%
More info:Immediate delivery FOB Colombia.
Contact for more details

Posted: 18 August 2010, 03:56 GMT. Permalink

Available: Chrome Ore

Product:Chrome ore
Quantity:5000 mt
Price:U$ 120/mt
Terms:Ex-mine Zimbabwe...
More info:There are no middle men,contract signed directly with mine.No chancers please and do buy and collect ex -mine Zim

Country:South Africa
Contact person:K.S.Mokoena
Tel.:+27 83 6653975
Fax:+27 865107120

Posted: 4 July 2010, 17:42 GMT. Permalink

Available: Coltan


Posted: 8 June 2010, 01:14 GMT. Permalink

Available: Manganese Ore

Product:Manganese Ore
Specs:30-34% and 35-38% Lumps 10-100mm
Quantity:500 - 2,000 per Month
Terms:EX WORKS / FOB BANGKOK . 30% Advance + LC at sight
More info:We have own mine and factory of Manganese ore located in Lumphun province, Northern Thailand. Mn content between 30-34% and 35-38%. Currently we have capacity at 500-2,000MT per month.

Direct buyer only please, broker/intermediaries kindly excuse.

Company:Commodities planet
Company website:http://www.cxplanet.biz
Contact person:Nuttawuth Chainilphan
Tel.:6653 288 001

Posted: 5 June 2010, 03:20 GMT. Permalink

Available: Manganese Ore

Product:Manganese ore fines
Quantity:1000 m.tones
Weight:1000 m.tonnes
More info:we can supply of manganese ore fines its below 6 m.m size we can supply monthly 2000 m.tones
1. 20-22(M.N),F.e (12 below)

Company:Anjaneya Traders
Contact person:Maruthi
Tel.:91 8088916115
Fax:91 8088916115

Posted: 4 June 2010, 12:29 GMT. Permalink

Available: Manganese Ore

Product:Manganese ore
Specs:30-40 %
Price:$6 per 1% FOB
Terms:Confirmed, irrevocable lc at sight
More info:We actually miners ourselves and we are ready to commence supply immediatetely.
Tel: +2348066429510

Posted: 27 May 2010, 13:38 GMT. Permalink

Available: Manganese Ore

Product:Manganese Ore
Specs:44 to 50%
Terms:Own mining

Contact person:Chelelwa

Posted: 18 April 2010, 16:53 GMT. Permalink