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Wanted: Gold Ingots


Posted: 12 November 2013, 19:41 GMT. Permalink

Available: Gold Bars

Product:Gold Bars and Nuggets
Price:Very Competitive

Company:Eastern Africa Global Commodities Co.LTD
Contact person:Mr Carlos Akam

Posted: 12 November 2013, 06:20 GMT. Permalink

Trading: Gold Ingots, Dust, Nuggets

Specs:dust, nuggets, bars
Quantity:1000 KGS per week
More info:Small Investor Required – to establish a major Gold Buying Office / Gold Refinery in Central Africa.

1000 KGS per month available for export to Dubai, Asia, Europe or USA

All High Level Government & Local Connections in place to ensure the l

Posted: 12 November 2013, 05:42 GMT. Permalink

Available: Gold Dust

Product:Alluvial Gold Dust.

Contact person:Mr.Kofi Thompson

Posted: 11 November 2013, 11:12 GMT. Permalink

Available: Gold Bars

Product:Gold Dore Bars
Specs:94.9% Plus (AU) 22 Carats to 24 Carats.
Quantity:50kg Trial. Thereafter 100kg/month for a 12 months contract
Weight:1kg/ Bar
Price:$29,000 - $30,000
Terms:CIF/ FOB
More info:Our key specific interest are in the buying and selling of Gold. We act as a front for small scale miners and cooperative mining entities in from different parts of Africa, specifically the Democratic Republic of Congo.

We are here trying to reach

Company:Afro Gold Purity
Contact person:Steve Hamis

Posted: 8 November 2013, 13:29 GMT. Permalink

Available: Gold Bars, Dust

Product:Or (GOLD)
Specs:Dust form and Dore bars
Price:$28,000usd per kg
Terms:FOB ()
More info:Buyers who arte interested should fly down to Mali to close the first trial order purchase with us and then we will sign a contract for a constant supply on CIF basis, but every first trial order purchaqse will be done on FOB terms.

Company:Or Mali SARL
Contact person:Madame Ramata Diakite

Posted: 7 November 2013, 22:33 GMT. Permalink

Wanted: Gold Bars

Product:gold and platinum
Weight:100 kilos per week
More info:please contact me thru email

Contact person:emmanuel spinos

Posted: 7 November 2013, 19:12 GMT. Permalink

Available: Gold Bars, Dust

Product:GOLD DORE BARS 95%
Specs:22 + carats plus
Quantity:50Kg up to 200Kg/Weekly
Terms:CIF and FOB
More info:We are international GOLD DORE BARS 95% sellers mandates and we are direct with all Sellers whom we represent and we are looking for buyers and buyers mandates worldwide. montez.alves (at) gmail.com

Company:Mario Montez - Raw Gold and Diamonds
Company website:http://www.mario-montez.com
Contact person:Mr. Mario Montez

Posted: 5 November 2013, 19:52 GMT. Permalink

Available: Gold Bars

Product:gold bars
Specs:22karat 93.5% purity
Weight:24.5 puls carat
Price:30 000usd
More info:We are making this contact to buyer who is interested in
buying our precious metals. We are licensed marketer, exporter &
miner of Precious Metals: Gold AU Dust in thailand and lc terms applicable to all large buyers please get in contact for inqui

Company:general trading company
Contact person:kopper

Posted: 5 November 2013, 11:44 GMT. Permalink

Available: Gold Bars, Dust, Nuggets

Product:Gold Bars and Gold Dust
Specs:22karat 93.5% purity
Quantity:10 to 50kg trail shipment
More info:We are Tikonko local Gold Miners in Tikonko village,southern Sierra Leone,West Affrica.We are a local community based Miners ready to recieve reliable,thruswothy and serious buyer(s)for a long term bussiness relationship.We are hereby advertising our

Country:Sierra Leone
Company:Tikonko Local Miners
Contact person:Maada Makavoray
Tel.:+232 33 921 807
Fax:+232 33 921 807

Posted: 5 November 2013, 10:49 GMT. Permalink