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Available: Gold Ingots, Bars, Bullion, Powder, Dust, Nuggets

Product:Gold bars
Specs:98% purity
More info:We supply Gold Bar and diamond at very good prices from Tanzania We may negotiate a good sales / purchase mode of understanding that will be safe and secured for both buyers and seller as we wish to build a long lasting relationship with you. we wait

Company:Dell international
Contact person:michelle

Posted: 18 July 2015, 03:02 GMT. Permalink

Available: Gold Bars

Product:High Quality Gold, Precious Metals, Diamond, Crude oil
More info:Based in Hong Kong, we sell high quality gold, diamonds, crude oil, etc.
Please tell us the product spec of gold and diamonds, and the quantity you want to buy.

Best regards,


Whatsapp / WeChat

Country:Hong Kong
Contact person:Raymond Leung

Posted: 13 July 2015, 20:15 GMT. Permalink

Trading: Gold Bars, Dust, Nuggets

Quantity:100-200kg only seriousbuyers

Company:visual minerals
Contact person:fazil

Posted: 4 July 2015, 11:51 GMT. Permalink

Trading: Gold Bars

Product:Gold Bars
Specs:Delivered at 22%+ Carats
Weight:Delivered at 94%
Price:20% less LME
More info:We are a trading company that deals in precious metal. I specialized in trading in Gold, Diamond and Timbers. Contact:

Company:Royal Prestige Farming & Mining limited
Company website:
Contact person:President
Fax:+233 30 3961969

Posted: 29 June 2015, 22:26 GMT. Permalink

Available: Gold Ingots, Bars, Bullion, Powder, Dust, Nuggets

Product:Gold Ingots Gold Bars Gold Bullion Gold Powder Gold Dust Gol
Quantity:300 kg each
Terms:24hours confirmation of %30 upfront payment before shipment
More info:We are famous supplies of Gold Ingots, Gold Bars, Gold Bullion, Gold Dust,Gold Nuggets we sell very cheap and we supply World Wide to reliable buyers contact for more information's

Company:Shania's Ore international
Contact person:Shania

Posted: 29 June 2015, 00:46 GMT. Permalink

Available: Gold Powder

Product:Gold bars
Quantity:1000 kg
Weight:24 caeats
Terms:MT103 30% advance payment and 70% balance against delivery
More info:we are rough diamond and gold suppliers in Tanzanian with beaches in Cameroon Kenya . We do business in a professional manner. Gold is a precious metal on the stock exchange market.
We are not desperate to make urgent sale but we need a serious c

Contact person:Mr John Endoh

Posted: 28 June 2015, 10:46 GMT. Permalink

Available: Gold Ingots, Bars, Dust

Product:Gold available for sale
Specs:Our gold is 98.5% pure contact us for more details.
Quantity:200 kg
More info:Our gold is 98.5% pure contact us for more details.We need serious buyers around the globe, if you are a broker we are ready to give you 10% commission .

Company:Global Metal International
Contact person:Benjamin Edmour

Posted: 28 June 2015, 10:43 GMT. Permalink

Available: Gold Ingots, Bars, Powder, Dust

Product:Highly Purified Gold Dust
Specs:22 Carat +
Quantity:5- 20 Kg
Price:28.000 USD
Terms:T/T LC

Country:South Korea
Company:actavis & Sons

Posted: 27 June 2015, 22:52 GMT. Permalink

Available: Gold Bars, Powder, Dust

Product:Gold bars and dust and powder
Specs:1kg,20 gram high quality Gold
Quantity:22 carat plus
Weight:350 kg
Price:30000 USD
Terms:T/T. LC
More info:Kilo gold bars contain 32.15 troy ounces each. In the metric system, a “kilo” is short for kilogram, the base unit of mass in the metric system, which is the primary weight (and measurement)
we also supply 20-gram, 10-gram and 5-gram gold bars,

Country:South Korea
Company:Mine Drillers
Contact person:Kim Seoul

Posted: 27 June 2015, 19:00 GMT. Permalink

Available: Gold Bullion, Nuggets

Price:800$ an ounce
Terms:Serious Buyers
More info:contavt via mail :

Contact person:Helen

Posted: 26 June 2015, 22:40 GMT. Permalink