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Available: Gold Dust

Product:Gold dust
Specs:92% - 93%
Quantity:1000kg +
More info:Payment by swift wire transfer within 2 days after assay at buyer's refinery (LBMA recognised). No upfront payments required.
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Country:South Africa
Company:Precious Prospect Trading 210 (Pty) Ltd
Contact person:Mzamo
Tel.:+27 84 384 9400
Fax:+27 31 262 3766

Posted: 28 February 2007, 07:27 GMT. Permalink

Wanted: Gold Bars, Dust

Product:Gold dust or bars
More info:No upfront payment the seller has to ship the goods in the trail shipment

Company:Golden Eagle Trading Est
Contact person:Mr. Redha Idrees Isa

Posted: 24 February 2007, 20:19 GMT. Permalink

Wanted: Gold Bars, Bullion

Product:Gold bar
More info:Dear Sir,
We have firm buyers for any quantity of gold Bar

We prefer Swiss Procedure/Bullion to Bullion offer We are ready to take any quantity provided the gold must be from Safe Trade Zone and possible to move to buyer destination

Company:Ramhanu International
Contact person:Mr.Ram
Tel.:0091 9867753891

Posted: 17 February 2007, 15:54 GMT. Permalink

Available: Gold Dust, Nuggets

Product:Gold nuggets,gold dusts
Specs:From 95.74% to 98.92%,2 carats diamond
Quantity:From 25 kgs to 100kgs,512 carats of gemstones
Price:Us$ 9000per 1kg of gold,us$ 500 per 1 carar of diamond
More info:We welcome all buyers of gold and

Company:GreenstoneBelt International Mining Company Ltd
Company website:
Contact person:Mr.Henry M. Gabriel

Posted: 13 February 2007, 07:14 GMT. Permalink

Wanted: Gold

Product:Au or gold
Specs:999.9+ or 24k
Quantity:1 bar to 500-1000mt (daily tranches)
Weight:1k, 6.2, 12.5, 74.6k
Price:Lmer 2nd quote of the day or preferred
Terms:Physical viewing or "No Lifting"
More info:Bullions or Bars
Specifications: 999.9 or better
Quantity: 1 Bar - 1000 MT (Daily Basis)
Weight: 1kg., 6.2kg., 12.5kg., 74.6kg.. succeeding
Price: US$9,000-12,500.00 or LMER (2nd qoute of the day)
Delivery terms: P.O.P. then P.O.F. (w/ R.W.A. to

Company:Atlantiz Trading Co.
Company website:
Contact person:Ma. Socorro Paminiano

Posted: 3 February 2007, 16:57 GMT. Permalink

Wanted: Gold Bullion

Product:Gold bullion
More info:Buyer group in London. Swiss procedures preferred. FCO starts process.
We are also mandates of many client buyers, along with traders, bankers and financial institutions. Fast response, and if gold is in Euro bank, the documents are bought (4 days)

Country:United Kingdom
Company:Mtl Statistics
Company website:
Contact person:Max Lewis
Tel.:44 (0)774 9464986

Posted: 30 December 2006, 12:51 GMT. Permalink

Available: Gold Dust

Product:Gold dust
Specs:22 cratts
Price:15000 us dollars per kg
More info:we are gold dealers from uganda we connect directly with local dealers in congo directly from the mines , we can supply over 50 to100kgs per month but we want geniune dealears who can fly over to uganda

Contact person:Mr. Kironde David
Company:Kasese Gold World Ltd

Posted: 29 December 2006, 12:16 GMT. Permalink

Wanted: Gold Bars, Bullion

Product:Gold bullion bars
Quantity:5000 mt
Terms:Swiss procedure
More info:We are ready to buy Gold Bullion bars.Only Swiss procedure is accepted.Please send FCO and we can close the deal in a very short time.

Posted: 29 December 2006, 09:43 GMT. Permalink

Wanted: Gold Dust, Nuggets

Product:Gold Dust & Nuggets
Specs:Min 92% / 22 ct+
Price:US$ 10 000 - US$ 12 000 CIF
Terms:CIF Dubai
More info:We are direct buyers of GOLD DUST, NUGGETS and INGOTS. We pay up to US$ 12 000 kg CASH the SAME DAY after analysing the product in DUBAI or MIAMI. Simple proceedures and no cheating. NO UPFRONT payment whatsoever. Serious sellers only, no agents.

Contact person:Operations Manager
Tel.:+230 7708670
Fax:+230 6849984
Company:Ar Global Ltd.

Posted: 22 December 2006, 07:34 GMT. Permalink

Wanted: Gold Dust

Product:Gold dust and bars
Price:LME Based
Terms:CIF Dubai
More info:We offer our services to those who really have gold dust and hence why sell so cheap in west africa.We ask them to get the goods to Dubai and have it refined at the refinery using our trade liscence and sell in the local gold market and earn good profit

Contact person:J.A.Khan
Tel.:+91 5414 225 186
Fax:+91 5414 225 896
Company:Kce Trading

Posted: 5 November 2006, 00:10 GMT. Permalink