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Available: Gold Dust


Company:Bowman Gems Traders
Contact person:Mr.Peter Kofa

Posted: 19 August 2008, 03:05 GMT. Permalink

Available: Gold Bars

Product:Gold Bars,Bullion
Specs:99.995% 24 Karat
Weight:1 TON
Price:22659000 US $
Terms:Bank Transfer or Cash
More info:Gold is currently in Thailand in a Bank.


Posted: 6 August 2008, 05:40 GMT. Permalink

Wanted: Gold Dust

Product:Alluvial Gold Dust
Specs:92% +
Quantity:100 Kg
Price:USD 18000 KG
Terms:CIF Dubai
More info:Hello,
We work with real and capable gold dust buyers from Europe, USA, Canada and Mid East.
Our buyers do not travel for inspection / contract signing and will not also pay any upfront money.
The seller needs to pay all the expenses till the dust

Company:Jeyaraj Xavier
Company website:
Contact person:Jeyaraj Xavier

Posted: 5 August 2008, 17:37 GMT. Permalink

Wanted: Gold Bars, Bullion

Product:Gold Bars (AU)
Specs:23 to 24 karat
Quantity:250 kilograms/week to 1,000 kilograms/month
Weight:one kilo bars preferred
Price:LME 2nd Fix less 23% or better
Terms:CIF USA refinery
More info:Please contact for further details. Seller must meet Anti-Money Laundering Policy and provide three business references before we do business.

Yukon Pacific Mining

Country:United States
Company:Yukon Pacific Mining Ltd
Company website:
Contact person:Charles

Posted: 26 July 2008, 14:50 GMT. Permalink

Available: Gold Nuggets

Product:gold alluvial
Specs:22carats to 24carats
Price:18$ gram
More info:we have for sale alluvial gold from 22carats to 24carats our terms and conditions are negotiable ,we seek for long term business and partner,we have any quantity for export immediatly

Company website:http://undercontruction
Contact person:mr soliano katumbi

Posted: 26 July 2008, 07:43 GMT. Permalink

Wanted: Gold Bars

Product:995% purity or more
Quantity:5-10 kg per week
Weight:in 1kg bars
Price:competative to sell
Terms:payments bank transfer or cash
More info:only genuine sellers please contact me, and delievry how they give me

Contact person:ASHOK

Posted: 17 June 2008, 23:34 GMT. Permalink

Wanted: Gold Bullion

Product:Gold Bullion - Bars - Dust

Contact person:Torsten Krahl
Tel.:+49 3571 928014
Fax:+49 3571 418121
Company:Krahl GbR

Posted: 31 May 2008, 03:24 GMT. Permalink

Wanted: Gold Bullion

Product:Gold Bullion Buyer
Weight:Up To 50,000MTon
Price:minimum discount rate of 6/4, prefer 8/5
More info:We represent a Gold buyer mandate in the USA. They will buy unlimited quantities of Gold Bullion using Strict Swiss Procedures and a minimum discount rate of 6/4, prefer 8/5. Gold must be in the GLD system, Hallmarked, registered, and on deposit in a

Contact person:Mr. Ibrahim

Posted: 14 May 2008, 23:15 GMT. Permalink

Wanted: Gold Nuggets

Product:Gold nuggets
Specs:22-23 Karat (92-97% purity)
Quantity:1 kg
Weight:each gram
Price:$ 10-15 usd
Terms:To be negotiated
More info:I am still looking for a serious seller of gold nuggets ;I am interested in buying 1 kg without any upfront payment or trip to inspect your goods. After assay you'll get paid cash.
If you accept terms above, feel free to contact me for long term de

Contact person:Ludovic MANYA
Tel.:514-927 5692
Fax:450-681 0235

Posted: 21 April 2008, 09:05 GMT. Permalink

Wanted: Gold Bars, Bullion, Powder, Dust

Product:AU dust
Specs:92% minimum
More info:Due to a increase in scam for the sale of Gold Dust, you must be able to deliver to the refinery in Europe. Payment after smelting. If you cannot deliver, please don't bother to contact us. No advance payment will be made and nether we will travel. T

Company:Agrigem S.A
Contact person:Jean Claude

Posted: 30 March 2008, 07:42 GMT. Permalink