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Available: Gold Nuggets

Specs:100 Kilos
Quantity:100 kilos
Weight:In kilos
Price:As provided by seller
Terms:as agreed by buyer/seller
More info:I charge a 3Percent commission for people sourcing Gold in East Africa .
Goods will be moved to refinery smelted in-front of buyer i will provide all relevant advice about secured transportation and recommended transport companies that cover with in

Posted: 14 October 2010, 05:37 GMT. Permalink

Available: Gold Dust

Product:Non ferrious metals,gold dust and gold bars
Specs:22carat plus and 93.5% purity
Quantity:Any quantity
More info:We are among the local gold miners from Mali.We are located in the Kalana region republic of Mali.We wish to inform all the numerous gold buyers that we have gold dust and gold bars available for sale .If you are interested with this offer kindly con

Company:Kalana gold Miners
Contact person:Diallo Keita
Tel.:00223 69046270
Fax:00223 6234442

Posted: 13 October 2010, 18:24 GMT. Permalink

Available: Gold Bars, Dust

Specs:dust and dore bars
Price:18,000usd per kg
More info:we are miners traders and licensed shippers of gold dust and dore bars to any destination of the buyer provided the buyer flies down here to see have a physical test of our product then been satisfied with the purity and finesse, of which the buyer d

Company:sicomp sarl shippers
Contact person:brehima gacku

Posted: 12 October 2010, 10:11 GMT. Permalink

Available: Gold Ingots, Bars, Powder, Dust

Product:Gold Dust & Dore Gold Bars
Price:$31,000usd per Kg
Terms:Payment on spot after assay here in Mali at DNGM

Company:Sadiola Village Gold Mine
Contact person:Yacouba Sangare
Tel.:+223 62 29 21 89

Posted: 11 October 2010, 14:16 GMT. Permalink

Available: Gold Bars, Dust

Specs:dust and dore bars
Price:17,500usd per kg
More info:We are local gold miners here based in the bougouni community Mali west africa, and our resources is gold , so we are local miners and as well local and international traders of gold dust and dory bars which is also available to be transported down t

Company:bougouni gold mines
Contact person:baba maiga

Posted: 10 October 2010, 15:07 GMT. Permalink

Wanted: Gold Bars

Product:24K gold bars (BIS HALLMARKED)
Quantity:first 6kg,then monthly 30kg+,
Price:what is your CIF price to india?
More info:send your details to my e-mail()

Posted: 6 October 2010, 01:35 GMT. Permalink

Wanted: Gold Bars

Product:GOLD bars
Quantity:each real quantity
More info:Dear Ladies and Gentlemen,
we have 2 german and 1 swiss directly buyers for AU in bars. Each real quantities. Delivery places: CIF Switzerland and Germany. Procedere: Swiss. Only complete FCO´s are accepted.
Mail to: gold-offer(at)web.de

Posted: 4 October 2010, 18:14 GMT. Permalink

Wanted: Gold Bars, Bullion

Product:Gold Bars
Terms:Bank to Bank; POP to POF
More info:We are direct to Buyer Mandate looking for Gold in bulk quantities. No upfront payment; Simple Procedure; Interested seller mandates to provide offer and export documentation. On acceptance of offer T&C, commissions, buyer - seller direct contact by

Country:United Arab Emirates
Contact person:Khalid Al Ali

Posted: 4 October 2010, 10:22 GMT. Permalink

Available: Gold Dust

More info:Dear Sir we are the end sellers of gold dust/bars and rough diamonds, hance now we have gold dust for sale.

Contact person:Daniel Mike

Posted: 2 October 2010, 09:35 GMT. Permalink

Available: Gold Bullion

Product:Gold Bullion
Specs:12.5 kg. 999.5%
Quantity:5,000 mt with rolls & extensions
Weight:200 MT
Price:London Metal Exchange Rate 9%/ 6%

Country:United Kingdom
Company:rockbridge commodities ltd
Contact person:stewart whitehead
Tel.:+44 (0) 1709589433

Posted: 2 October 2010, 08:42 GMT. Permalink