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Available: Gold Bars

Product:We can handle Gold Bars and Dust through one reputable Provi

Company website:
Contact person:Mr.Farshid Feilizadeh

Posted: 18 December 2008, 04:48 GMT. Permalink

Wanted: Platinum Bars

Product:Platinum bars or ingots (after refining)
Specs:99.5% or better ( after refinign) Fully Assayed or Hallmarke
Quantity:4,000 Kgs /month minimum. Weekly contract preferred.
Price:LME, 2nd London Fixing, for each delivery
Terms:Discount 8 gross/6 net or better
More info:Significantly larger quantities invited. Delivery and settlement through any Brinks location worldwide, London Preferred.

Posted: 18 December 2008, 04:29 GMT. Permalink

Available: Gold Bars, Bullion

Specs:999.9 fine gold
Quantity:100 tons in the Philippines
Weight:12.5 kilogram per gold bar
Price:not lower than 85% of current gold market value (Net)
Terms:cash thru wire transfer
More info:Buyer must personally meet with seller to test the commodity (with proof of product). This will be a local transaction, and it should be assay-and-pay procedure. Other acceptable terms to seller are open. Test buy is OK. Direct buyers please.

Company:real estate broker - business consultant
Contact person:Dr. Ramon Leo Gavan

Posted: 18 December 2008, 04:25 GMT. Permalink

Available: Gold Dust

Product:Au Dust
Specs:22ct Min 92%
Terms:Pay storage at vault, full payment after assay.

Company:Pala Yacaph Trading
Company website:
Contact person:Mauritz Christo van Heerden

Posted: 14 December 2008, 03:06 GMT. Permalink

Available: Palladium Bars

Product:palladium bars
Quantity:large volume
Price:current international trading

Company website:
Contact person:binet huang

Posted: 5 December 2008, 11:43 GMT. Permalink

Available: Gold Bars

Product:Gold Bar
Specs:Purity : 999.5%
Quantity:Minimum 200MT
Weight:12.5Kg Bar
Price:LBMA Discount 12/9
Terms:FOB Security House in Hong Kong
More info:PAYMENT : In USD for Ninety One Percent (91%) of the Purchase Price:
the LBMA Second Fixing in EUR on the day of closing: Payment Modes (Article 1.17 of Agreement):

- SWIFT MT 760 with Conditional Payment Instructions
- Letter of Credit (LC) by

Country:United States
Company:Don Financial & Investment, Inc
Contact person:Don

Posted: 14 November 2008, 14:08 GMT. Permalink

Wanted: Gold Bullion

Product:gold bullion
Quantity:500 mt
Price:london market
Terms:banker to banker
More info:dear seller,
i am paul from malaysia and we are looking for the genuine seller with fresh and detailed FCO.Sizeable amount needed and as for the first trial 500 mt.
IF the au ex-bonded security warehouse in prime bank , we should be able to take it

Posted: 13 November 2008, 01:50 GMT. Permalink

Wanted: Gold Bullion

Product:gold bullion bar
Specs:99.995 or better
Quantity:2 to 10 MT a month
Weight:1 Kg
Price:LBMA - 8-10% or better
Terms:swiss procedures
More info:We are next to a serious buyer in India/UK. We can import as well as buy local Indian supply. We need upfront FCO with bank co-ordinates to verify your stock. Bank to bank POF and POP is OK. No upfront LOI and big chain of brokers. We need the buyer

Company:Unimin Global
Company website:
Contact person:Dr.K.Ganapathiraman

Posted: 9 November 2008, 15:36 GMT. Permalink

Available: Iridium Powder

Product:iridium copper(rice puller)
Specs:many forms of vessals
Quantity:more(up to your wantedness)
Weight:up to your wantedness
Terms:product on cash
More info:Respected Sirs,
As you know iridium is an element present along with copper and nickel metals in ore forms and also along it in the form of alloys. We have many such original copper iridium alloys in form of many vessals and utensils.

Contact person:abae rajath
Tel.:91 9788082451

Posted: 24 October 2008, 05:26 GMT. Permalink

Wanted: Gold Bars

Product:gold bullion
Quantity:10.000 mt
Weight:1 kilo until 5 kilos per bar
Price:Min: 12/10%discount lbm
Terms:swiss procedure
More info:location: europe/ usa/ canada, japan. gold buyer`side: is closed for everybody.

Posted: 17 September 2008, 09:44 GMT. Permalink