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Available: Lead Concentrate

Product:Galena, Lead 60%+ (target 65%)
Specs:Pb ~60-65%+, Sulphur ~10%
Quantity:trial 25mts, then 50-250mts+ monthly
Price:75% * LME * Concentration
Terms:Container, 20ft FCL, CIF or FOB
More info:Please email us for more info.

Country:United Kingdom
Company website:http://www.camscorp.com
Contact person:Simon Glossop

Posted: 31 January 2016, 11:23 GMT. Permalink

Available: Lead Concentrate

Product:Lead Ingots
Price:At US$ 2,400.00/metric tonne
Terms:Order#: 3000 metric tonnes/month min. Type: T/T

Posted: 30 November 2015, 10:41 GMT. Permalink

Available: Lead Concentrate

Product:Pb conc with Ag content
Specs:Pb 60 % + Ag 1000 gr/ton
Weight:100 ton/Monthly
Price:LME base
More info:We are looking for longtime business partnership with end buyer.

Posted: 22 January 2015, 16:52 GMT. Permalink

Wanted: Lead Ore, Concentrate

Quantity:500 mt/month
Terms:CIF China Ports
More info:Our company have been looking for some materials from abroad as following:
Lead ore,byproducts
lead and zinc sulfide ore (raw);
something contained Pb,with Pb>25%

Pls inform if you are available

Company:Shaanxi head-moly Idustry Co.,Ltd
Company website:http://www.head-moly.com
Contact person:Jerry Jiang
Tel.:+86 18049276353
Fax:+86 29 81889633

Posted: 4 August 2014, 08:23 GMT. Permalink

Available: Lead Concentrate

Product:Pb concentrate 45%+
Quantity:1500 MT/month
Terms:LC 90/10, confirmed
More info:Origin: Romania
Pb –45 - 52%
H2O – 6
As –2.5
S –12,39
Assay: A Stewart
NO brokers, "have buyers" or wannabes pls

Company:BHS Int'l Ltd
Contact person:H. S.

Posted: 29 April 2014, 11:13 GMT. Permalink

Wanted: Lead Concentrate

More info:we buy copper/lead ore concentrate,Moly Mo,Nickel Ni,Co,Tungsten W spent catalyst,sludge,residue,scrap in long term,my mail:,skype:zwbjohn1,John from shanghai cetas import&export co.,ltd

Company:Shanghai cetas import&export co.,ltd
Company website:http://www.cetasindustry.com
Contact person:John

Posted: 28 November 2013, 08:21 GMT. Permalink

Available: Lead Ore, Concentrate

Specs:Bonny Light Crude Oil

Company:Eagle Export
Contact person:Mr.Albert

Posted: 31 July 2013, 11:15 GMT. Permalink

Wanted: Lead Ore, Concentrate

Product:lead ore, lead concentrate, lead oxide materials,
Specs:lead minerals or materials with silver content
Price:lme% Or fixed price
Terms:LC, CIF MCP, M+2/3
More info:we want to buy some lead materials such as ore, ash, cement and so on. they can be crude ore or seconday products from plants. please let me know offer via beautifulstar110 at 163 dol com.

Company:shaanxi longyield co.,ltd
Contact person:star lee

Posted: 2 July 2013, 09:33 GMT. Permalink

Wanted: Lead Concentrate

Product:lead concentrate
Specs:lead concentrate with Pb grade >50%
Quantity:10000 tons
More info:we would like to have your import&export license,past bill of lading,SGS certificate,copy of business license,along with your product specification,we are expecting a long term purchase contract, please feel free to contact me if you can guarantee st

Company:Source profit limited
Company website:http://en.group-spl.com/index.html
Contact person:Bin
Tel.:+86 151 6660 1620

Posted: 13 June 2013, 14:59 GMT. Permalink

Available: Lead Ore, Concentrate

Product:Drained Lead-Acid Battery Scrap
Specs:Drained Lead-Acid Battery Scrap
Price:Our Price is very moderate
More info:Drained Lead-Acid Battery Scrap,We can provide drained lead acid battery scrap on 99. 97 percent.

Drain Lead/Acid Battery Scrap : USD 250.00/mt. cnf included asia ,europe
america ports

Quantity available: 80,000/MT
Monthly supply ability: 1,0

Posted: 16 May 2013, 15:55 GMT. Permalink