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Available: Lead Ore

Product:Lead ore
Specs:bp 40%Min - 65%Max
Price:$ 950
Terms:The buyer will pay shipment charges
More info:We are the end seller of the Lead Ore, serious Buyer please contact us.

SPECS: Pb = 40 – 65%,

As = 0.3%,

Fe = 10.5%,

Ca = 0.11%,

Zn = 3.25%,

Ni = 0.01%,

Cu = 0.35%,

Ba = 0

Company:Kambove Company
Contact person:Charles Bruno

Posted: 22 November 2016, 18:01 GMT. Permalink

Wanted: Lead Ore, Concentrate

Price:CIF/CFR china
More info:detailed chemical & physical specification-legal assay report

Posted: 7 September 2016, 17:13 GMT. Permalink

Available: Lead Ore, Concentrate

Product:Gold Ingots, Gold Bars, Gold Dust, Gold Nuggets and Diamond
Specs:23 carats plus
More info:we have available gold dust,Gold bars and Gold Nuggets and Uncut Diamonds for sale, we are ready and willing for a long term contract supply to buyers destination, we wish to meet capable buyers to purchase our product contact us.email (alisaad297@gm

Posted: 26 August 2016, 23:48 GMT. Permalink

Available: Lead Concentrate

Product:Galena, Lead 60%+ (target 65%)
Specs:Pb ~60-65%+, Sulphur ~8-15%
Quantity:min 100mts - 250mts monthly
Price:80% * LME * Concentration
Terms:Container, 20ft FCL, CIF or FOB
More info:Please email us for more info.

Country:United Kingdom
Company website:http://www.camscorp.com
Contact person:Simon Glossop

Posted: 3 August 2016, 12:43 GMT. Permalink

Wanted: Lead Ore, Concentrate

Quantity:500 mt/month
Terms:CIF China Ports
More info:Our company have been looking for some materials from abroad as following:
Lead ore,byproducts
lead and zinc sulfide ore (raw);
something contained Pb,with Pb>25%

Pls inform if you are available

Company:Xi An Tongxing Co.Ltd
Contact person:Joe
Tel.:+86 18049276353

Posted: 15 June 2016, 07:17 GMT. Permalink

Available: Lead Concentrate

Product:Natural Lead Concentrate
Quantity:100 MT
Terms:FOB Mexico
More info:Natural Lead Concentrate (High Quality)
Quantity 100 MT per month on monthly contract
Particle size: 200 mesh
Packing: Packed in super sacks and ready for shipment.
Substantial Concentrate of Silver and Gold
Direct from the mine

Company:Maritime Trading
Company website:http://www.fueloilforsale.com
Contact person:R. Pelrine

Posted: 26 April 2016, 20:31 GMT. Permalink

Available: Lead Concentrate

Product:Lead Concentrated
Specs:Purity 65%+
Terms:FOB Peru
More info:Lead ore concentrated in 2 ranges: 55-60% and 65%+

Shape: powdered
Size: mesh 100

Posted: 28 March 2016, 11:20 GMT. Permalink

Available: Lead Ore

Product:Lead Ore-Galena
Specs:Pb = 81 to 86%
Price:Price to be negotiated on Lead LME less discount.
Terms:FOB. CIF is negotiable for qualified buyers.
More info:Quantity available = 1,000 up to 3,000 mt/month. Agreement for 24 months with possible extenions. Analysis is available.

Reply only if serious qualified buyer subject to DD.

Country:United States
Company:GR-Distributors, LLC
Contact person:David Boswell

Posted: 13 March 2016, 22:20 GMT. Permalink

Available: Lead Ore

Product:Leaded Silicate for Flux Agent

Country:United States
Company:American Retroworks Inc.
Company website:http://retroworks.net
Contact person:Robin Ingenthron

Posted: 21 January 2016, 16:39 GMT. Permalink

Available: Lead Concentrate

Product:Lead Ingots
Price:At US$ 2,400.00/metric tonne
Terms:Order#: 3000 metric tonnes/month min. Type: T/T

Posted: 30 November 2015, 10:41 GMT. Permalink