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Available: Lead Ingots

Product:Lead ore
Specs:55% lead content
Weight:1.8 tons
Price:Rs 41 perkg
Terms:cash or cheque

Company:Vipera Udyog
Contact person:Vishal Thakur
Tel.:098726 22255

Posted: 4 January 2010, 08:49 GMT. Permalink

Available: Lead Ingots, Bars

Product:Lead Ingots (LME or Non-LME Reg.)
Specs:99.99% min
Quantity:25 ~ 100t (+/- 5%)
Terms:CIF, 100% T/T
More info:Pb 99.99% min'
Sb 0.005, As 0.002, Fe 0.002, Cu 0.003, Zn 0.002, Ag 0.002, Sn 0.006, Bi 0.005


Posted: 9 June 2008, 23:09 GMT. Permalink

Wanted: Lead Ingots

Product:lead ingot

Contact person:Sunilkumar
Tel.:+91 9843212562
Fax:91 42 253932

Posted: 29 May 2008, 05:43 GMT. Permalink

Wanted: Lead Ingots

Quantity:50 Mts
Price:Rs 119000.00 per Mt

Company:Gillanders Arbuthnot & Co Ltd-Waldies Divison
Company website:http://www.waldies.com
Contact person:A.Mallick

Posted: 6 March 2008, 08:32 GMT. Permalink

Available: Lead Ingots

Product:Lead ore
Specs:50% and above
Quantity:Large quantity
Price:Subject to Negotiations
Terms:FOB or CFR or determined by other arrangements with buyer
More info:We have in stock Lead ore.Serious buyers please make contact.Price negotiable.

Country:United Kingdom
Company:Never Blue Ltd
Contact person:Oyibocha Sylvester

Posted: 26 January 2008, 06:28 GMT. Permalink

Available: Lead Ingots

Product:lead ingot, 1 mt each
Specs:Sb 3.0, Cu .1, Sn .15, As .02, Bi .03, Zn .001, Fe .001
Quantity:100 mt monthly
More info:secondary from scrap, non radioactive

Company:APT GmbH
Company website:http://www.apt-dresden.de
Contact person:Mr. Guenzel

Posted: 12 September 2007, 04:34 GMT. Permalink

Available: Lead Ingots

Product:Lead (Pb) Ingots
Specs:97 % min (98.7818 % max)
Quantity:50 Mt minimum
Price:CIF - LME- average cash previous month - minius 3 %
Terms:CIF - 100 % L/C at sight
More info:Antimony Remelted Lead Ingots - Result from Battery Scrap
Origin Egypt Products
AMA Marketing Service of NFM Scrap - Melting Groups Egypt

Company:Ama - Atlantinvest Marketing & Acquisition
Company website:http://www.ama-atlantinvest.eu
Contact person:George Heinzle
Tel.:+43 664 592 4724
Fax:+43 1 253 303 341 48

Posted: 10 September 2007, 09:59 GMT. Permalink

Available: Lead Ingots

Product:Lead ingots 99.97%
Specs:china , korea , australia
Quantity:25 mt to 50 mt
Weight:25 kg ingots
Price:110 per kg

Company website:http://www.metalindia.in
Contact person:Dilip

Posted: 8 July 2007, 02:24 GMT. Permalink

Available: Lead Ingots

Product:lead ingot and copper scrap
Price:best offer
Terms:main port

Company:Habibi Metals Trading
Company website:http://habibimetalstrading.com
Contact person:Rezai

Posted: 7 June 2006, 09:09 GMT. Permalink

Available: Lead Ingots

Product:Lead Ingot
Specs:LME Standard
Quantity:min 1000 MT
Price:LME + premium
More info:We are able to offer lead ingot pricing LME Standard.

Company:Mvm Commodity Trading
Contact person:Farzanehfar
Tel.:0049 221 9416508
Fax:0049 221 9416509

Posted: 9 February 2006, 10:15 GMT. Permalink