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Available: Zinc Ash

Product:ZINC ASH
Quantity:100 METRIC TONS
Terms:L/C, T/T OR L/C

Company:HIBB & CO.TOGO
Company website:http://www.hibbcotogo.com
Contact person:Mr. Hayibo Kokou
Tel.:+228 9004 86 45
Fax:+228 9001 41 04

Posted: 21 August 2010, 13:21 GMT. Permalink

Available: Zinc Dust

Product:Zinc Powder/Dust
Specs:43~48% Zinc
Quantity:2,000 mt/month
Price:Please contact
More info:Goods are from Korea.
Spec sheet is available.

Country:South Korea
Company:IREH C&D INC
Contact person:Ricky Park

Posted: 12 August 2010, 03:12 GMT. Permalink

Available: Zinc Scrap

Product:Ac and fridge compressor scrap
More info:Description:

Fridge compressor scraps : USD 260.00/mt. cnf included asia ,europe
america ports
Origin:Usa ,UK,Germany(danfoss)ASpera and Ireland.

Quantity available: 80,000/MT
Monthly supply ability: 1,000 - 6,500MT per month.
Packaging: A

Posted: 27 April 2010, 02:37 GMT. Permalink

Available: Zinc Dross

Product:Zinc Dross
Specs:Zn 14%min Pb 3% min
Quantity:2867 WMT
Weight:2391 DMT
Price:150$US ASPC
Terms:prompt shipment

Company:Bros Industry Holding Inc
Company website:http://broscorp.com
Contact person:Joseph PITKIN

Posted: 26 April 2010, 05:17 GMT. Permalink

Wanted: Zinc Dust

Product:Dust, EWC 100207*, Zn >5%
Quantity:up to 1,000 mt per month
More info:packing in big bags preferred, tank lorries, containers or bulk possible

Company:Sudamin Rohstoff GmbH
Company website:http://www.sudamin-rohstoff.com
Contact person:Mr. Martin Pothfelder
Tel.:+49 (0)203 31866-0
Fax:+49 (0)203 31866-90

Posted: 17 February 2010, 07:22 GMT. Permalink

Wanted: Zinc Residues, Ash, Dross

More info:We are interested in buying on regular basis Zinc Skimmings, Zinc Dross from Hot Dip Galvanisation process, Zinc Ash Fines, Zinc Granules, Zinc Blowings from Pipe Mill, Zinc Scrap Score etc.

Company:Haryana Agro Chemicals (india)
Contact person:Rahul Goyal
Tel.:+91 9814140157
Fax:+91 172 2575501

Posted: 24 January 2010, 00:05 GMT. Permalink

Available: Zinc Spent Catalysts, Residues, Ash, Cake, Dust

Product:Zinc ash and Zinc catalyst with Zn > 45 %
More info:We have various qualities of Zinc Oxide ashes, dust, filtercakes available, as well as spent catalyst with Zn > 60 %.

Analytical info available upon request.

Company website:http://www.metabel.com
Contact person:Lawrence Jacobs
Tel.:+31 493 322676
Fax:+31 493 310657

Posted: 16 January 2009, 08:35 GMT. Permalink

Available: Zinc Dross, Cake, Skimmings, Dust


Posted: 15 October 2008, 14:16 GMT. Permalink

Available: Zinc Skimmings

Product:Zinc skimmings
Specs:68-72% Zn, 50% metallic
Quantity:60-80 MT/month
Price:28% LME Zn average EXW Italy
More info:Zinc skimmings derived from cleaning of furnaces of production of zinc oxide. Other impurities are Fe: around 10 %, Pb: 1 to 3 %, Cl absent, As absent, Hg absent, S traces, Sb traces.

Company:ALDODEI 1946
Company website:http://www.aldodei.com
Contact person:Giacomo Bertolio

Posted: 8 October 2008, 13:55 GMT. Permalink

Wanted: Zinc Ash, Dross, Dust

Product:ZINC dross,zinc Ash,Zinc oxide , zinc flucks
Quantity:as many
Terms:In india
More info:We required this materials in india urgently .

Posted: 10 May 2008, 10:33 GMT. Permalink