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Available: Aluminium Ingots, Billets

Specs:AK5M2, AK9M2, AD9M2, AD31, AK7, AK9, AK12M2, AK12, AK10su, АК1
Quantity:any reasonable quantity (Direct from the Aluminum Plant)
Weight:Awaiting your purchase request
Price:Prices will be noted in our FCO
Terms:CIF aswp - CNF - FOB
More info:AK5M2, AK9M2, AD9M2, AD31, AK7, AK9, AK12M2, AK12, AK10su, АК12vp and A0.
Buyers: please send your official purchase request and your banking details. When we receive your official purchase request and banking, we will send you an FCO.

Country:United States
Company:BMS International Advisors Inc
Company website:
Contact person:Henry Smith

Posted: 18 July 2006, 08:49 GMT. Permalink

Available: Aluminium Ingots

Product:Aluminium Alloy Ingots
Specs:AL 92%
Quantity:100MT monthly
Terms:FOB/CIF Depending which port
More info:We have alumimium ingots to offer. Prices, pictures and Chemical analysis reports willbe email to buyers with company details and phone/mobile phone numbers and your return email.
State if you are traders, brokers or direct mill buyers.

Company:Pinnacle /BB Group
Contact person:Mr Wilfred
Tel.:+65 94504270
Fax:+65 0000000

Posted: 5 October 2005, 10:43 GMT. Permalink

Wanted: Aluminium Wires, Rods, Bars

Product:Aluminum plate for die making (surplus,left over and cuttings)
Specs:Hard material (12mm-150mm thickness)
Quantity:Any quantity
Weight:20 tonne - 50 tonne
Terms:L/C basis
More info:We deal in non ferrous metals.If any surplus, leftover or scrap is available anywhere in the world, Please contact us immediatly.
Thank you,
Chief Executive

Company:Chaudhary Metal House
Contact person:M. Ifzal

Posted: 3 October 2005, 15:18 GMT. Permalink

Available: Aluminium Powder, Granules


Contact person:R. Laxminarayan

Posted: 19 September 2005, 08:36 GMT. Permalink

Available: Aluminium Ingots

Product:Alu alloy ingots
Specs:ADC-12 or any alloy ingot
Quantity:100 mt and more
More info:we can offer any alu alloy ingots from middle east from direct manufacturar.

Contact person:Sanjay Gautam
Company:Dev International
Company website:

Posted: 26 August 2005, 03:20 GMT. Permalink