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Available: Aluminium Powder

Product:aluminium A5N
Specs:chem purty 99.9995%
Quantity:360.000.00 kg
Weight:30 tons each delivery
Price:250 usd KG/ cif
Terms:CIF delivery

Contact person:Walter Wolf
Tel.:0043 664 8791448
Fax:skype id: walter.wolf58

Posted: 17 February 2008, 15:03 GMT. Permalink

Available: Aluminium Ingots

Product:aluminum ingots
Quantity:100000MT available
Terms:FOB Rotterdam

Country:United States
Contact person:Boris Braslavsky
Company:Aria Oil & Petrochemicals
Company website:

Posted: 30 July 2007, 16:05 GMT. Permalink

Available: Aluminium Ingots

Product:Aluminium Ingots
Terms:Against Demand Draft
More info:Aluminium Ingots 99% Purity readily available in Maharashtra.If intrested then mail me

Company:Balaji Metals & Minerals Company
Company website:
Contact person:Aditya Rajput

Posted: 17 May 2007, 06:26 GMT. Permalink

Available: Aluminium Ingots

Product:Aluminum alloy ingots
Specs:ASTM: 5052
Quantity:20 - 40 mt / monthly
Weight:Weight of the ingot: 15kg
Terms:FOB St. Petersburg
More info:Al content: 95, 55% - 96, 75%
Available monthly qiantities. For trial order - 20 MT at the end of May / beginning of June.
For more details, kindly contact us.

Contact person:Nikolay Stanchev
Tel.:+359 2 963 4662
Fax:+359 2 963 0408
Company:Metalstrade Ltd
Company website:

Posted: 11 May 2007, 05:21 GMT. Permalink

Wanted: Aluminium Ingots

Product:Aluminium ingot
Quantity:500 mt
More info:Dear Sir,
Our buyer required Aluminium Ingot and Copper Ingot.
Quantity : 300 MT to 500 MT per month.
Quote your best price cif Europe/Asia basis urgently.We needs specifications and all detilas.
Best Regards,

Company:Ramhanu International
Contact person:Mr.Ram
Tel.:0091 9867753891

Posted: 16 April 2007, 01:57 GMT. Permalink

Available: Aluminium Ingots

Product:Aluminium ingots
Specs:Alu 95 % , 96 % , 97 % , 98 % , 99%
Quantity:1000 mt / month
Weight:1 kg , 2 kg , 5 kg , 7 kg , 12 kg , 15 kg, 20 kg
Terms:FOB , CIF

Contact person:Jatin Shah
Tel.:+91 9898554414 , +91 79 25622281, 25624681
Fax:+91 79 25620620
Company:Sakar Ferro Alloys Pvt. Ltd.

Posted: 7 April 2007, 02:54 GMT. Permalink

Wanted: Aluminium Ingots

Product:Aluminium & tin ingots
Specs:Aluminium ingot a7,scrap excrusion 6063, primary tin ingot
Quantity:Monthly 300 mt

Company:Habibi Metals Trading
Company website:
Contact person:Rezai

Posted: 6 March 2007, 02:18 GMT. Permalink

Available: Aluminium Ingots, Billets

Product:Al-a5n, russian origin
Quantity:20k - 30k per month or buyer's option
Price:USD250 per kg
Terms:20 days after L/C
More info:Pls contact us for photo and Giredmet reports.

Contact person:Chris Kim
Company:C & Y Resources, Inc.

Posted: 22 January 2007, 13:35 GMT. Permalink

Trading: Aluminium Plates, Rods

Product:Aluminum plates and blocks
Specs:All dimensions and various alloys
More info:Our company is specialised in aluminum plates and blocks. We provide you products as per your dimensions and specifications at a competitive price.
Please send us your inquiry

Contact person:Jean Christophe dorel

Posted: 18 January 2007, 18:49 GMT. Permalink

Available: Aluminium Powder, Granules

Specs:0, 1-1mkm, 1-10mkm, purity: 99, 0-99,999%
Terms:After 14 days from the L/C verification.

Country:United Kingdom
Company:Vento Finance Ltd.
Contact person:Antanas Jasudis
Tel.:0044 1234 325985
Fax:0044 1234 330008

Posted: 10 November 2006, 13:33 GMT. Permalink