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Available: Aluminium Ingots

Product:Aluminum Alloy (silumin)
Specs:The chemical composition of the customer.
Quantity:Up to 300 mt per month
Weight:Ingots 24 kg
Price:By agreement
Terms:By agreement
More info:Country of origin - Ukraine.

Country:United Kingdom
Company:New Business Technology L.P.
Contact person:Dmitry Moskalenko

Posted: 13 March 2012, 09:13 GMT. Permalink

Available: Aluminium Powder

Product:Aluminium Powder
Specs:on the specifications of the customer
Quantity:50 -100 tns per month
Weight:50 kg bag
Price:below LME
More info:The composition of an aluminum is 97% and more. The size number is #3 or less
for a powder metallurgy and a firework
Shipment: FOB Dushanbe or CIF your port.
Tel. in Moscow: +7 916 615 9565
Skype: hyde2100

Posted: 12 March 2012, 13:37 GMT. Permalink

Available: Aluminium Ingots

Product:Aluminium ingots 99.7%
Terms:delivery time is within 7 days after order

Contact person:123

Posted: 11 March 2012, 15:11 GMT. Permalink

Available: Aluminium Powder

Quantity:100,000 MT

Company:Taige International Trade Co.
Company website:
Contact person:Alma

Posted: 5 March 2012, 06:55 GMT. Permalink

Wanted: Aluminium Ingots

Product:Primary alluminium ingot
Specs:Al Min. 99%, Si < 0.5,Fe < 0.50 %,Cu < 0.01%,Mn& Mg < 0.02 %
Quantity:50 mt
Price:USD 2072/mt
Terms:Payment by ICC 600 transferable documentary letter of cr
More info:We are Italian Trading company seeking . We are able to provide primary alluminium ingot Min. 98%, typical 98.5% - Min. 99%, typical 99,2%, LEM FOB pricing.

Contact person:Salvatore Mandarini

Posted: 8 February 2012, 23:31 GMT. Permalink

Available: Aluminium Sheets, Bars, Pipes, Tubes

Product:aluminium sheets,tee bar,angles
Specs:brand new ,german make, packed
Quantity:bulk quantity
Terms:available dubai yard,
More info:sir,if any interested pls contact to us to email,specs, photos etc send to your email,
thanks and regards

Posted: 21 January 2012, 07:47 GMT. Permalink

Available: Aluminium Powder

More info:Purity 99%min
Si 0.2
Cu 0.1
Fe 0.3
S 0.05
H2o 0.1

Company:Qingdao Taihegong Import and Export Co.,ltd
Company website:
Contact person:Susan Zhang

Posted: 11 January 2012, 09:00 GMT. Permalink

Available: Aluminium Coils, Sheets, Plates, Foils

More info:Our company is special line in producing and marketing aluminium sheet,belt,and foil. Annual production is 300,000 tons,we can produce almost products of 1-8 series aluminium alloy. Especially the hot-rolling plates, Extra-wide extra-thick hard-alloy

Company:Henan Wanda Aluminum Industry Co.,LTD
Company website:
Contact person:Charles Lee
Tel.:086-371-64233909 086-15093368040

Posted: 11 January 2012, 06:54 GMT. Permalink

Available: Aluminium Ingots

Product:Aluminum Ingots
More info:1.A:light in weight B:Conductivity good C:Thermal conductivity D:Math-model resistance
E:High purity aluminum F:Heat-resistant
a. Industrial b. Electrician c. national defense d. civilian industry
e.The Packing

Company:Di Shi Zhong Ke Group of Hong Kong(holding)Co., Lt
Company website:
Contact person:Carol

Posted: 6 January 2012, 02:24 GMT. Permalink

Available: Aluminium Ingots

Product:Aluminium Ingot
Specs:97% to 98.5%
Quantity:minimum 20 tons
Weight:5kg-to 10kg
Price:98+ rs 129+exci+cst+Freight
Terms:100% Advance
More info:we want to sell in bulk quantity because we are manufacturers our production capacity is 500mT/month

Posted: 24 December 2011, 05:36 GMT. Permalink