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Available: Copper Scrap, HMS Scrap, Used Rails

Product:copper rod

Company:Auroral Group
Contact person:Manikandan

Posted: 23 May 2008, 04:19 GMT. Permalink

Available: Brass Scrap

Product:Brass Scrap
Quantity:50 MT/month
More info:We can supply Honey-scrap (ISRI) on a regular basis. For further information please contact me.

Posted: 19 May 2008, 09:18 GMT. Permalink

Wanted: Copper Spent Catalysts, Residues, Skimmings, Dust

Product:Copper residues
More info:We are interested in secondary materials(by-products) as following:
copper ash, brass ash, copper matte, copper cement, spent copper catalyst, copper bearing sludge, etc.
Please contact with us if you can supply any kind of above materials.

Company:Shaanxi Sengen Co., Ltd.
Contact person:Liu Ying

Posted: 4 May 2008, 22:35 GMT. Permalink

Wanted: Copper Spent Catalysts, Slags, Skimmings, Dust

Product:Copper catalyst / residues with Cu > 15 %
More info:We are looking to buy Spent catalyst, slags, residues, skimmings and dust containing Copper, Brass and Bronze for our production plant in The Netherlands. Cu should be bigger than 15 %.
We make a quotation based upon an analysis or sample.

Company website:http://www.metabel.com
Contact person:Lawrence Jacobs
Tel.:+31 493 322676
Fax:+31 493 310657

Posted: 14 December 2007, 12:36 GMT. Permalink

Wanted: Copper Residues

Product:Ashes, Catalyst, Slags, Dust, Skimmings etc etc

Contact person:Stelten, Ralph

Posted: 29 August 2007, 06:12 GMT. Permalink

Wanted: Copper Spent Catalysts

Product:Copper Spent Catalysts
Specs:Cu content not less than 15 %

Country:Russian Federation
Company:Metallcom Limited
Company website:http://metallcom.net
Contact person:Ms Kseniya Grakhantseva
Tel.:+7 922 6945454
Fax:+7( 3412) 513385

Posted: 9 August 2007, 05:57 GMT. Permalink

Available: Copper Scrap

Product:Insulated cable 50% Copper
Specs:as per ISRI codes
Quantity:50 MT
Terms:L/C Irrevocable 100% at sight
More info:50 MT of cable cover 50%
Scrap Yard visit is allowed after L/C Confirmation

Contact person:Naser Arifi
Company:Apex International

Posted: 17 July 2007, 03:54 GMT. Permalink

Available: Brass Scrap

Product:Brass scrap
Quantity:100 tons

Posted: 19 June 2007, 13:17 GMT. Permalink

Available: Copper Scrap

Product:Copper scrap
More info:Dear Sir
We are Exporter of Copper, Brass( Red and Yellow), Zinc, SS craps, Aluminium Etc.
We collect the scraps from Ship Breaking yard in Bangladesh. We can supply you 20-40mt Regularly.
If you have any requirment pls fel free contact to me.

Contact person:Rezaul Karim
Tel.:+8801912501762, +8801715710675, +8804435001002
Company:Lunar International
Company website:http://www.lunarint.bdrp.com

Posted: 12 May 2007, 05:06 GMT. Permalink

Wanted: Copper Scrap

Product:Copper scrap
Specs:99.9% purity
Quantity:100 tons
Weight:20 tons/week
Price:best possible prices
Terms:Irrevocable L/C at sight
More info:We require Scrap Copper, Brass, Aluminum, Stainless Steel, Steels....#1 copper insulated wire, #2 copper insulated wire, #1 copper, #1 copper bar, Aluminium Plate, Aluminum Radiator. 1100/Mix Low Copper Aluminum, 5083,5086....
Kindly send us CIF Karachi

Company:Chaudhary Metal House
Contact person:M. Ifzal

Posted: 5 August 2006, 16:20 GMT. Permalink