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Wanted: Copper Cathodes

Product:Copper Cathodes
Specs:99.99% Pure (LME & Non LME Registered) Grade A
Quantity:1000MT+ x 12 Months
Terms:DLC Payable at Destination Port after Analysis Report
More info:Dimensions: 914mm x 914mm x 12mm

Destination Port: China, India, Vietnam, Taiwan

Payment: Non-Transferable Letter of Credit Payable at Destination Port after Analysis Report (No Advance Payment)

Seller Issues: 2% Performance Bond

Company:Exim Global
Company website:
Contact person:Mr. Raman

Posted: 7 March 2012, 13:41 GMT. Permalink

Available: Copper Pipes, Tubes

Product:copper powder

Company:Taige International Trade Co.
Company website:
Contact person:Alma

Posted: 5 March 2012, 06:54 GMT. Permalink

Available: Copper Powder

Product:Copper Powder
More info:Ultrafine Copper Powder PMU 99,999% at very competitive price. Contact us for more details.

Company:DM Cameroun
Company website:
Contact person:Alex

Posted: 29 February 2012, 12:39 GMT. Permalink

Available: Copper Ingots

Product:Copper Ingots
Quantity:25 mt
Terms:T/T /LC

Company:Pamol ca,m Limited
Contact person:Lisa Gray

Posted: 25 February 2012, 19:00 GMT. Permalink

Available: Copper Coils, Powder

Product:isotope copper powder
Specs:isotope copper powder (69,1% of Cu63 & 30.9% of Cu65 with hi
Quantity:20 kg
More info:69,1% of Cu63 & 30.9% of Cu65 with high purity exceeding 99,998%. A certificate of the chemical contents is present. The Copper powder is placed in Switzerland and it is not radioactive

Contact person:A.P

Posted: 16 February 2012, 12:33 GMT. Permalink

Available: Copper Powder

Product:copper powder superfine
Quantity:1,000kg ~ 30,000kg
More info:Place of origin: Russian Federation

Company:Unistrong flx
Contact person:Ayrat Sabirianov

Posted: 16 February 2012, 09:47 GMT. Permalink

Available: Copper Coils, Sheets, Plates, Rods, Bars, Pipes, Tubes

Product:Copper tungsten & Copper molybdenum
Terms:T/T, L/C
More info:Copper tungsten material
Copper tungsten electrode
Copper tungsten rod
Copper tungsten bar
Copper tungsten plate
Copper tungsten sheet
Copper molybdenum sheet
Copper tungsten heat sink
Copper molybdenum heat sinks
Copper tungsten electrical

Company:Bango Alloy
Company website:
Contact person:Maya

Posted: 11 February 2012, 10:07 GMT. Permalink

Available: Copper Powder

Product:Copper nanoparticles
Quantity:vacum bottles 100 grams
Price:US$ 6,150/grm - FOB
More info:We own a copper nanotechnology plant in Chile and we are seeking export channels worldwide
HI QUALITY PRODUCT contact jf_pedregal at yahoo dot com

Company:jfp engineering
Contact person:jorge af pedregal
Tel.:562 2381124

Posted: 20 January 2012, 16:25 GMT. Permalink

Trading: Copper Powder

Product:copper powder 0.4-1.4micron
Quantity:100-500 kilogram/monts
More info:We manufacturing copper powder particle size 0.4-1.4micron, spherical, 250usd/1kilogram, 100-500 kilogram/monts. Copper powder 0.14-0.4micron, spherical, 350usd/1kilogram, 20-200 kilogram/monts.

Country:Russian Federation
Contact person:Alexander

Posted: 20 January 2012, 04:56 GMT. Permalink

Available: Copper Powder

More info:Purity 99.7min
Cu 99.8
O 0.2
Ni 0.001
Fe 0.0011
S 0.0012
Pb 0.05

Company:Qingdao Taihegong Import and Export Co.,ltd
Company website:
Contact person:Susan Zhang

Posted: 11 January 2012, 08:59 GMT. Permalink