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Available: Zinc Scrap, Ash, Dross

Product:zinc ash, dross, diecating, scrap, Ingot
Quantity:500 tonnes
Weight:Heavy duty 20 ft containers
More info:offer available quantity in 20ft container loads :
Galvanizers Zinc ash Dross, Skimming, fine etc.
Zinc diecasting old/new
Zinc scrap with Iron or without
Zinc Sheets pressed or loose
HG & SHG Zinc Ingots
or any other kind of Zinc ore or concentrat

Company:F Y Trading Ltd.
Contact person:Farooq
Tel.:+44 7624151055/+32485497780/+971504634436

Posted: 7 December 2004, 18:00 GMT. Permalink

Available: Copper Scrap

Product:Copper and Brass Scrap
Terms:FOB or C&F both agreed
More info:Copper Scrap available in bulk with Brass contents more than 60%.
Pictures can be arranged on further request.
For further information plz contact me at. 0092-300-2941637.
Best Regards
Mr Ahmed.

Country:United Arab Emirates
Company:Desert Eagle Building Material Trading
Contact person:Muhammad Afzal
Fax:Tel:00971-6-5537131 Fax:00971-6-5537332

Posted: 6 November 2004, 23:34 GMT. Permalink