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Trading: Lead Ore

Quantity:Large Mining sites
Terms:Want partnership
More info:We have Lead. We need investors who can provide the mining equipments, and we can do business in a mutually benefitting arramnngement

Country:United Kingdom
Company:Never Blue Ltd
Contact person:Oyibocha Sylvester

Posted: 4 October 2007, 05:25 GMT. Permalink

Available: Nickel Concentrate

Product:Nickel carbonate
Specs:Average values: Ni 42%, moisture 50-55%
Quantity:3-4 truckloads or containers per month
Weight:1nt supersacks
Price:% of Ni LME
Terms:FOB USA/Canada
More info:Pure NiCO3 crystals. Impurities: 0.6%Cu, 0.2%Fe, 1.2%Ca, 0.3%Mg, 3.9% Na, 0.15%As (averages). Looking for long term contract. Product can be used for Ni plating and/or remelting for Ni metal recovery.

David Droppert
Solumet Inc.

Company:Solumet Inc
Contact person:David Droppert

Posted: 3 October 2007, 13:55 GMT. Permalink

Wanted: Nickel Ore

Product:Nickel ore
Specs:mini 1.6%
Quantity:50,000 tons per month
More info:Fe:above 20%
humidity:below 30%
Need sgs inspection before shipement.

Pls inform your best CIF Qingdao port,China price and delivery time

Contact person:Vincent Dong

Posted: 17 September 2007, 22:58 GMT. Permalink

Available: Copper Ore, Concentrate

Product:Copper Ore / Concentrate
Quantity:10000 mts +
Price:Depending on CU
Terms:Direct Buyers Only
More info:We are looking for serious buyers only who are looking for copper ore / concentrate from Zambia. Only those who are prepared to travel to visit our mining area in Zambia should contact us.

Company:Shibuwa Enterprises Limited
Contact person:Mr. Robert Kakundu
Tel.:0026 0977396840
Fax:0026 0977396840

Posted: 6 August 2007, 16:25 GMT. Permalink

Wanted: Copper Ore, Concentrate

Product:Copper ore, copper concentrate
Specs:Cu content not less than 15 %, preferred not less than 20 %
Quantity:min. 250MT per month

Country:Russian Federation
Company:Metallcom Limited
Company website:
Contact person:Ms Kseniya Grakhantseva
Tel.:+7 922 6945454
Fax:+7( 3412) 513385

Posted: 6 July 2007, 00:09 GMT. Permalink

Available: Nickel Ore

Product:Nickel ore
Specs:2% NI and up
Quantity:70 million mt
Weight:50000 to 100000 mt per month
More info:we are producing Laterite in huge quantities and we have laterites Contains 2% NI and up so we need to deal Direct with buyer we can supply Nickel ore 50000 to 100000 MT per month

Company:Hard Rocks Services LLC
Contact person:Ahmed

Posted: 19 June 2007, 19:58 GMT. Permalink

Available: Lead Ore

Product:Lead ore

Company:Rising Sun International
Contact person:Jawad Akhtar

Posted: 28 April 2007, 13:19 GMT. Permalink

Available: Zinc Ore

Product:Zinc ore
More info:ZINC OXIDE

Contact person:Bonzo Masselle
Tel.:00255 754 298 294
Fax:00255 22 2112434
Company:Mbujumayi Metals Sprl

Posted: 17 April 2007, 08:18 GMT. Permalink

Available: Lead Ore

Product:Lead ore
Specs:70% Pb
Quantity:20 tons
Price:USD 600 per ton
Terms:ex warehouse Dar es Salaam

Company:Megapro Consulting
Company website:
Contact person:Peter Davidson

Posted: 30 March 2007, 13:11 GMT. Permalink

Wanted: Nickel Ore

Product:Nickel ore
Specs:min 3.5% Ni content
Quantity:10 - 20.000 per shipment

Contact person:S.Stus
Tel.:+ 55 11 5183 9433
Fax:+55 11 5183 9433
Company:Consultant - Non Ferrous

Posted: 21 March 2007, 16:45 GMT. Permalink