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Available: Copper Ore, Concentrate, Sodium Copper

Product:Raw ore
More info:we have for sale Antimony ore ,
contact us for sample first which is free.

Company website:http://www.sonyucig.com
Contact person:Dr Nkemju

Posted: 19 August 2013, 20:10 GMT. Permalink

Wanted: Copper Ore, Concentrate

Product:copper ore, Copper Cathodes
More info:we have buyer seeking for Copper ore and Copper cathodes

only end Seller please
Mr. Yu

Country:Hong Kong
Company:New East and West Company
Contact person:Jonathan Yu
Tel.:+86 13928118841

Posted: 16 August 2013, 04:48 GMT. Permalink

Available: Copper Ore

Product:Fe. 21.13% Al2O3 0.91% CaO 0.14% MgO 0.05% P. 0.031%
Quantity:20000 tons per month

Company:Adarsh India minerals pvt ltd
Company website:http://Nil
Contact person:Subhash reddy

Posted: 16 August 2013, 03:01 GMT. Permalink

Available: Copper Ore, Concentrate, Sodium Copper

Product:Copper Cathode
Quantity:2.000 MTons
Price:8000 USD/Ton
More info:We are a congolese company dealers in precious stones(gold, diamond, coltan, copper and cassiterite) and stimulants.
We have at this time in our filings quantity 4000Tonnes Copper priced at 8000 USD / ton, however we are open to your purchase propos

Company:Nyamianda Gold
Company website:http://www.facebook.com/nyamianda
Contact person:Roland Bikulo

Posted: 14 August 2013, 14:08 GMT. Permalink

Wanted: Copper Ore

Product:Copper Ore20-25%
More info:I would like to request some information about availability and quantities of Copper Ore that your company can provide along with pricing details and test reports/specs.Please quote your price in term of FOB origin.

Posted: 1 August 2013, 18:38 GMT. Permalink

Available: Lead Ore, Concentrate

Specs:Bonny Light Crude Oil

Company:Eagle Export
Contact person:Mr.Albert

Posted: 31 July 2013, 11:15 GMT. Permalink

Available: Copper Concentrate

Product:concentrate copper
Quantity:100MT to 250MT per month
Price:USD.6000 per MT
More info:we can supply blister copper at present 95% to 98% concentrate copper upto 100MT t0 250MT per month. Interested Buyers contact us at

Company:colors impex
Contact person:fahad yaseen

Posted: 29 July 2013, 11:29 GMT. Permalink

Available: Lead Ore

Quantity:500 metric tons
More info:We are miners of galena from Malawi,Lilongwe city and we do mining.Now that our quantity is large,we would like to export.
If you are interested let us know.Direct email

Company:Eastgate Cooperative Mining
Contact person:Jephter Ngwira

Posted: 28 July 2013, 11:48 GMT. Permalink

Available: Copper Ore

Product:copper ore
Specs:copper ore 30% +
Quantity:1000 MT per month
Price:1250 USD
More info:copper concentrate, copper ash, copper scrap,copper wire and zinc compounds, copper matte,copper ore,
Copper Oxide,copper wire,copper scrap,rutile sand,zircon sand,ilmenite sand and Sodium Copper.
contact ozeriamram at g mail dot com

Company:Raub hole & kamyong mining corporation sdn bhd
Contact person:Ozeri Amram

Posted: 26 July 2013, 23:51 GMT. Permalink

Available: Copper Ore, Concentrate

Product:Copper Ore
Specs:Copper: 99.9% (Min.) Lead: 0.005% (Max.) Bismuth: 0.5% (Max.
More info:Copper ore including %20 - %45 Copper
maximum %5-6 Sulphure, %0.1 Pb and %0.2 Zn

Copper ore including %20 - %45 Copper
maximum %5-6 Sulphure, %0.1 Pb and %

Posted: 25 July 2013, 11:04 GMT. Permalink