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Available: Zinc Dust

Product:zinc dross,Zinc Coils Zinc Sheets Zinc Plates Zinc Ingots Zi
More info:We are the best Miners and manufacturers of zinc products,produce and export Zinc dust and other related products we are looking for a very serous buyer that we can do long term relationship business with, so please contact for more information.

Posted: 26 February 2012, 15:30 GMT. Permalink

Available: Copper Ingots

Product:Copper Ingots
Quantity:25 mt
Terms:T/T /LC

Company:Pamol ca,m Limited
Contact person:Lisa Gray

Posted: 25 February 2012, 19:00 GMT. Permalink

Available: Lead Ingots

Product:Lead Billet From IRAN

Company:Universe Aria Company.

Posted: 22 February 2012, 05:50 GMT. Permalink

Available: Tin Ingots

Product:Tin Ore Concentrate
Price:US$25,000 / t
More info:We are mining Tin ore and we beneficiate after mining. We produce minimum of 2 containers ( 50tons ) every month. We are looking for buyers.

Xovico Investment cc
Cell Phone +27792923085

Posted: 21 February 2012, 13:04 GMT. Permalink

Available: Copper Coils, Powder

Product:isotope copper powder
Specs:isotope copper powder (69,1% of Cu63 & 30.9% of Cu65 with hi
Quantity:20 kg
More info:69,1% of Cu63 & 30.9% of Cu65 with high purity exceeding 99,998%. A certificate of the chemical contents is present. The Copper powder is placed in Switzerland and it is not radioactive

Contact person:A.P

Posted: 16 February 2012, 12:33 GMT. Permalink

Available: Copper Powder

Product:copper powder superfine
Quantity:1,000kg ~ 30,000kg
More info:Place of origin: Russian Federation

Company:Unistrong flx
Contact person:Ayrat Sabirianov

Posted: 16 February 2012, 09:47 GMT. Permalink

Trading: Tin Ingots

Product:Tinplate,Tinplate sheet, tinplate coil
Specs:Thickness:0.18mm to 0.40mm
More info:Width:600mm to 980mm
Length:600mm to 1200mm
Tin coating:2.0/2.0,2.8/2.8,2.8/5.6,5.6/5.6g/m²
Temper:T1 to T5 BA

Company:Jiangsu Guolian Plate Co.,Ltd
Company website:http://www.guolian-steel.com
Contact person:Sophia

Posted: 14 February 2012, 02:51 GMT. Permalink

Available: Nickel Wires

Product:0.025MM Nickel Wire GOST 2179-75
Quantity:1.1+ Million Meters (33 Bobbins)
More info:2 lots looking to sell

Length 907,795.7 meter (according GOST 2179-75)
Nickel Wire 0.025mm dia, 26 bobbins in one case, lot#002
Chemical Purity 99.83%

Length: 226,689.1 meters (according GOST 2179-75)
Nickel Wire 0.025mm dia,

Country:United States
Company:Performance TOOL LLC
Company website:http://edmtool.com
Contact person:Jason

Posted: 14 February 2012, 00:16 GMT. Permalink

Available: Nickel Wires

More info:Bäste kund!
Tillverkaren erbjuder nickeltråd som är 25 micron i diameter och kan levereras månadsvis upp till 20kg.
Pris enl.överenskommelse

Posted: 13 February 2012, 23:16 GMT. Permalink

Available: Zinc Ingots

Product:zinc ingots
More info:We are the direct manufacturers of zinc ingot of very high purity.
We can ship to any part of the world.Contact us for all other details

Posted: 11 February 2012, 10:26 GMT. Permalink