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Wanted: Steel Billets

Product:STEEL BILLETS hot rolled for further rolling
Specs:55mm X 55mm X 6000mm up to 150mmx150mmx6M
Quantity:100000 m.tons in 12 months
Price:USD275.00 PER.M.TON
More info:Dear Sir,
We are looking for sellers who can provide us 2%P.G./PB from their Bank after receving pre- L/C advice from our Bank, AND who can provide their Bank reference to ask their existing business position confidentialy through our Bank.

Company:Exelsteel Trading Company Ltd.
Contact person:Managing Director

Posted: 6 January 2006, 03:54 GMT. Permalink

Wanted: Steel Coils, Plates

Product:GI Coils and MS Plates
Specs:Coil :WIDTH 900 TO1220MM:WT:3 TON TO 9 TON: THICKNESS: 0.3TO3MM
Quantity:4000 Mt Ton Monthly
Terms:C&F dubai

Country:United Arab Emirates
Company:Desert Eagle Building Material Trading
Contact person:Muhammad Afzal
Fax:Tel:00971-6-5537131 Fax:00971-6-5537332

Posted: 20 December 2005, 11:05 GMT. Permalink

Available: Steel Coils

Product:Prime Overrollings Prepainted Coils on hot dipped galvanized bas
Price:605 USD
More info:Prime over rolling pre painted soft commercial quality on hot dipped galvanized basis, unpacked but securely strapped with sign ode strapping.

Pictures available on request.

Company:F Y Trading Ltd.
Contact person:Farooq
Tel.:+44 7624151055/+32485497780/+971504634436

Posted: 23 August 2005, 07:52 GMT. Permalink

Available: Pig Iron

More info:We can suppply pig iron from China.

Quantity: 5000MT
Shipment: End Feb.

Interested buyers contact us with their company details.

Country:Hong Kong
Contact person:Nelson Chan
Company:Chartermind Resources

Posted: 19 January 2005, 00:14 GMT. Permalink

Available: Pig Iron

Product:Pig Iron
Quantity:40000 to70000 ton/mon
Price:316USD/ FOB

Contact person:Walter Wolf
Tel.:0043 664 8791448
Fax:skype id: walter.wolf58

Posted: 5 December 2004, 10:20 GMT. Permalink