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Available: Steel Pipes, Tubes

Product:Steel Pipes and Tubes
Specs:DIN EN 10219, 10305-5, DIN EN 10255
Terms:7-15 days
More info:The brand products is the follow size including:
1. Welded hollow profiles for metal-constructions DIN EN 10219, 10305-5 (10X20mm, 28X25mm, 30X20mm, …… 240X120mm)
2. Square steel pipes, welded hollow profile for metal-constructions DIN 10219, 1

Company:Constanta Invest Ltd.
Company website:
Contact person:Constantine
Tel.:00 38067 634 22 82
Fax:00 380562 34 22 88

Posted: 27 May 2010, 05:05 GMT. Permalink

Wanted: Steel Coils

Product:hot dipped galvanized coilPLEASE FIND HERE OUR NEW ORDER FOR

Posted: 26 March 2010, 04:28 GMT. Permalink

Wanted: Iron Powder

Product:iron ore fines

Contact person:Shaik

Posted: 23 March 2010, 12:55 GMT. Permalink

Available: Steel Pipes

More info:Item: Flange
Standard: DIN,EN,ASTM,BS,JIS,GB,etc.
Materia: l Carbon steel, Alloy steel,Stainless Steel.
Usage: Petroleum/Power/Chemical use/Construction use/Gas/Metallury/Shipbuilding
Size: 1/2''-48'',DN15-DN1200
Wall thickness: Sch5-Sc

Posted: 4 March 2010, 22:48 GMT. Permalink

Available: Steel Sheets, Plates, Rods, Bars, Tubes, Beams

Product:UB, RHS,SHS, Steel Plates,
More info:1MS UB 305 x 165 x 46 Kg x 12 Mtr 18 Pcs
2=S UB 406 x 178 x 74 Kg x 12 Mtr 26 Pcs
3MS UB 3=5 x 165 x 40 Kg x 12 Mtr 8 Pcs
4MS UB 30= x 102 x 28 Kg x 12 Mtr 6 Pcs
5MS UB 356 x 171 = 51 Kg x 12 Mtr 8 Pcs
6MS UB 254 x 146 x 37 Kg = 1

Company:Global Interface

Posted: 4 March 2010, 05:53 GMT. Permalink

Wanted: Steel Coils, Sheets, Plates, Wires, Rods, Bars, Pipes

Product:hms 1 2
Quantity:5000 mt/monthly
More info:we are intrested to do business with vietnam exporters only.

Company:gayathry imports&exp
Company website:
Contact person:prasad

Posted: 27 February 2010, 06:36 GMT. Permalink

Available: Iron Powder

Product:Iron Ore Fines (63.5 rej 62.5)
Quantity:1 Shipment (40,000MT)
More info:We are currently Executing Fe 63.5 rej 62.5 at Port VIZAG on FOB basis for CNF orders. Payment via FORIGEN LC. We are looking for DIRECT BUYERS & "NO MANDATES needed".

Contact person:Ms. Sima

Posted: 24 February 2010, 14:48 GMT. Permalink

Available: Steel Coils, Sheets, Plates

Product:Hot rolled coils
More info:Dera sir

We can offer hot rolled coils from Ukraine.

Contact person:Alex

Posted: 23 February 2010, 11:54 GMT. Permalink

Available: Steel Billets

Product:Steel billets,HRC,CRS
Specs:Ukrainian,Russian standart equivalent DIN ASTM
Quantity:Min lot 5000mt

Company:Odekom Project Ltd
Contact person:Sergey Evmenov

Posted: 23 February 2010, 08:08 GMT. Permalink

Available: Steel Pipes

Product:Alvenius galvanized steel pipes and fittings

Country:Saudi Arabia
Company:Scan Arabia Trading
Contact person:R.Carino

Posted: 10 February 2010, 06:38 GMT. Permalink