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Wanted: Iron Ore

Product:iron ore
Specs:64.5% fe
Quantity:500,000 mt per month
Price:78- 80$
More info:We are trading company direct withthe mandate of large steel mills in china. we would like to develop a lng business relationship with a brazilian iron ore seller

Company:aburas trading
Contact person:Rashad Aburas
Tel.:+ 962 6 4652 536
Fax:+ 962 6 5341 306

Posted: 2 July 2007, 16:05 GMT. Permalink

Available: Iron Ore

Product:Iron ore
Specs:64.5%, 67% and 44%
More info:Dear Sirs!
We offer:
Brazilian iron ore Fe-64.5%
Availability: 90,000MT/month (2 ships x 45,000MT/month) ready for
shipment from Brazil.
Total available: 1,080,000.00MT per year, yearly contract;
Price: $82USD/MT CIF ASWP, yearly contracts;

Country:United States
Contact person:Boris Braslavsky
Company:Aria Oil & Petrochemicals
Company website:http://www.ariagroupcorp.net

Posted: 23 April 2007, 22:31 GMT. Permalink

Wanted: Iron Ore

Product:Brazilian iron ore fines
Specs:Fe >= 67.5%
Quantity:60,000 mt/month x 2 years
More info:Fe : 67.5%
Fe203 : 96.17%
Si02 : 1.30% max
Al203 : 0. 50% max
P : 0.046% max
S : 0.04% max
Mn : 0.3% max
Ca0 : 0.30% max
Mg0 : 0.30% max
K20 : 0.015% max
L0l : 1.20% max
0.15 mm : 5% max
0.045 : 10% min
Moisture : 8%

Company:Commodities Corp
Contact person:Trader
Tel.:+66 85 112 4467
Fax:+66 2 930 1220

Posted: 19 April 2007, 17:54 GMT. Permalink

Available: Iron Ore

Product:Iron (Fe)
Specs:0,05 - 0,1mkm, purity:99, 0-99,9%
Terms:After 14 days from the L/C verification.

Country:United Kingdom
Company:Vento Finance Ltd.
Contact person:Antanas Jasudis
Tel.:0044 1234 325985
Fax:0044 1234 330008

Posted: 10 November 2006, 13:35 GMT. Permalink

Wanted: Iron Ore

Product:iron ore
Quantity:any quanity
More info:We have iron ore

Fe 43, Aluminum 2.9%, Silica 30%. Contact us for details


Posted: 22 August 2006, 13:23 GMT. Permalink

Available: Iron Ore

Product:Iron Ore
Specs:Fe203 93.2%
Quantity:5000-1000 mt + per month
More info:Wecan supply iron ore 93.2% of Tanzanian origin on FOB basis. Quantity as per buyers requirement.

Contact person:Frank P Amalile
Tel.:+255 744 967099
Company:Dynamic Investments InternationalLtd

Posted: 4 May 2006, 08:18 GMT. Permalink

Available: Iron Ore

Product:Iron Ore Fines from broken pellets
Specs:Fe 63.5%
Quantity:2 x 40,000MT per month
Weight:Over 1 million MT available in stock
Price:USD38 PMT
Terms:FOB Libya
More info:In fact, the products are undersized pellets fallen from the riddle mixed with the broken pellets during unloading at the foundry.
The origin of pellets is Brazil.

Contact person:Chris Kim
Company:C & Y Resources, Inc.

Posted: 20 March 2006, 11:04 GMT. Permalink

Wanted: Iron Ore

Product:IRON ORES 66%+
Price:68 USD/MT
More info:wanted Qty is 300K/month X 12. Target price $68 with Fe above66% rej 65% origin brasil.kindly reply at quickest with full details(soft quote).only serios offers.NO TIME PASSERS PLASE.

Company:J.b. Associates
Contact person:A. Singh

Posted: 3 March 2006, 16:09 GMT. Permalink

Wanted: Iron Ore

Product:Iron Ore Pellets
More info:Iron Ore Pellets for Indonesia
I have 2 (two) identical LOIs with BCL for the purchase of Brazil (must be CVRD source) Iron Ore Pellets 67% min. The LOIs are for the same buyer but he wants them as two separate orders and contracts. The materials a

Contact person:Abubaker
Tel.:00249 9129 76207
Company:Independent Broker

Posted: 24 January 2006, 10:03 GMT. Permalink

Available: Iron Ore

Product:iron ore
Quantity:as u prefer
More info:we are the consultant of malaysian company in dealing with iron mines ,we have iron ore if ur intrested we send u certificates and details of the ore .
best regards from
Durai Rajkumar.

Company:Shree Chithirai pandian consultant
Contact person:Durai rajkumar

Posted: 19 December 2005, 03:27 GMT. Permalink