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Available: Iron Sands

Product: Gold Ingots Gold Bars Gold Bullion Gold Powder Gold Dust Gol
Specs: 98.8%
Quantity: 500kg
Weight: kg
Price: Negotiable
Terms: Negotiable
More info: We are currently having 5000KG and more gold in bars, dust, nuggets, bullion available that we are willing to export to any genuine buyer .Below are the list of what we have and
their purity % and their prices will be send to you in SCO when u conta

Country: Tanzania
Company: Tanzbush Miners
Contact person: Ibrahim Shaktar

Posted: 12 December 2016, 11:38 GMT. Permalink

Available: Iron Ore

Product: Gold bars and nuggets for sale
Quantity: 100.000 kgs
More info: Dear Madam / Sir
We are consultants of the above Mentioned consultancy company, as
well as brokers for various areas of trading and investments. We
comprendendo the coming together of several gold mining cooperatives
groups in West Africa and kay

Country: United States
Contact person: Tony Omera
Tel.: +1(513) 549-0366
Fax: +1(513) 549-0366

Posted: 26 November 2016, 00:26 GMT. Permalink

Available: Iron Ore, Sands

Product: Gold Bars Gold Bullion Gold Powder Gold Dust Gold Nuggets
Specs: 99.99% purity
Quantity: 580 kg available CIF
Weight: 40 mm thickness
Price: contact us
Terms: CIF
More info: We are Direct manufacturer and supplier from west Africa to Europe,we offer quality products,we exports a variety of products Ranging from, gold bullion, gold bars, gold dore gold dust gold nuggets and many more

Country: Russian Federation
Company: Golden section company
Company website: http://goldensectionprivatelimited.com
Contact person: Andrey
Tel.: +79060674415
Fax: +79060674415

Posted: 17 October 2016, 11:02 GMT. Permalink

Available: Iron Ore

Product: HMS 1 & 2 Metal Scrap
Quantity: 600 metric tons
Price: $450 per MT
More info: We are the leading company of metal scrap we have them here HMS 1 & 2 Metal Scrap.

Country: Cameroon
Company: Gold Light industry Ltd
Contact person: mansoor smith
Tel.: 0023778263221

Posted: 13 September 2016, 19:45 GMT. Permalink

Available: Iron Ore, Sands

Product: Gold Ingots, Gold Bars, Gold Dust, Gold Nuggets and Diamond
Specs: 23 carats plus
Quantity: 750Kgs
Weight: Kilogram
Price: Negotiable
Terms: CIF/FOB
More info: we have available gold dust,Gold bars and Gold Nuggets and Uncut Diamonds for sale, we are ready and willing for a long term contract supply to buyers destination, we wish to meet capable buyers to purchase our product contact us.email (alisaad297@gm

Posted: 26 August 2016, 23:44 GMT. Permalink

Available: Iron Ore

Product: gold bars
Specs: 24+caracts
Quantity: 100k as trial
Weight: kg
Price: $25000
Terms: negotiable
More info: am looking for a serious buyer who is ready and willing to partner with us in a long term business relationship to enable us to expand our A.U.Gold Mines.At the moment, we are in a position of huge amount of kilos of Gold bars,nuggets,go

Posted: 25 August 2016, 23:21 GMT. Permalink

Available: Iron Ore, Sands

Product: Loans
Terms: Loans & International Project Finance like BG, SBLC
More info: We Offer Financial service around the world to companies that need financial service for their business

Posted: 4 August 2016, 03:26 GMT. Permalink

Available: Iron Sands

Product: Pyrite Ashes - Roasted Pyrites
Specs: 46-48% Fe
Quantity: 750 000 MT
Terms: FOB - CIF

Country: Romania
Company: BHS Int'l Ltd
Contact person: H. S.
Tel.: +40727981600
Fax: +40344815187

Posted: 3 August 2016, 12:08 GMT. Permalink

Wanted: Iron Ore

Product: Iron Ore
Specs: Fe 56% above
More info: currently we have buyers opening up from China for the following:

1) 甲醇(Methanol) - 10KT x 12Months

2) 铁矿(Iron Ore) - 20-100KT × 1/2-1Year Fe56Above

3) 石脑油(Naphtha) - 20KT x 2 Ports / Month

4) 芳烃(Mixed Aromatic) - 25KT

Country: Singapore
Company: Trade Alley International Pte Ltd
Contact person: Felix Lim
Tel.: +66628431808

Posted: 18 May 2016, 09:16 GMT. Permalink

Available: Iron Ore

Product: 63% IRON ORE FOR SALE
Specs: 63% FE
Price: 47USD
Terms: FOB
More info: Greetings of the Day!

We are the Exporters of Iron ore as per the below specifications from India on FOB basis.

Guaranteed Rejection
Fe 63% basis 62%
Alumina (Al2O3): 3.5

Posted: 3 May 2016, 19:00 GMT. Permalink