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Wanted: Steel Tubes

Product:Seamless stainless tubes
Specs:Astm 268-tp410
Quantity:1725 pieces
Terms:CIF Nova Scotia
More info:seamless stainless tubes astm 268/tp410
need 1725 tubes 4.875" OD x 3.875" ID x 80" long

Country:United States
Contact person:Mitch Garbow
Company:Dexter Sales, Inc.
Company website:http://www.dextersalesinc.com

Posted: 28 January 2007, 22:25 GMT. Permalink

Available: Steel Rods

Product:Coils, Sheets, Plates, Rods, I/H Beams as below
Specs:Astm a36, en 10025
Quantity:As required
Weight:As required
Price:Best offers
More info:Ex S America
Coils/sheets as required
Laminated I & H Beams 150mm-610mm 6-12 m
Laminated plates as per ASTM A283/4 etc.
W 920mm-1.55m
T 130mm-450mm
L 2.27-11.82m
Rod Dia 5.5mm-22mm
Billets 95x95mm-160x160mm, 5.1m-16m
Blocks 180x180mm-600x720mm, 3

Country:United Kingdom
Contact person:Shontu Das Gupta
Tel.:+ 44 798 4494294
Fax:+ 44 1753 591538
Company:Westport Ventures Limited

Posted: 2 January 2007, 10:28 GMT. Permalink

Available: Carbon Steel Pipes, Tubes

Product:All types of heat exchanger tubing

Country:United States
Contact person:Mitch Garbow
Company:Dexter Sales, Inc.
Company website:http://www.dextersalesinc.com

Posted: 31 December 2006, 21:56 GMT. Permalink

Available: Alloy Steel Rods, Bars

Quantity:Supply 500tons/month
More info:Rod and bar
Alloy: 2xxx, 4xxx, 6xxx, 7xxx series; Temper: H112, O, F, T4, T6
Alloy: 1xxx, 3xxx, 5xxx, 7xxx series; Temper: H112, O, F
Diameter (mm): 6-120
Adopt standard: GB/T3191 GJB205

Contact person:Lawrence
Company:Chongqing Meifan Metal Material Co.,Ltd.,China
Company website:http://www.meifan.cn

Posted: 29 October 2006, 22:27 GMT. Permalink

Available: Stainless Steel Wires, Rods, Bars

Product:Reinforcing Steel Bars
Quantity:MOQ: 1 000 metric tons
Price:USD 520 / metric ton Stowed FOB
More info:- HS Code: 721310
- FOB delivery
- TT, LC payment
- 10 mm to 40 mm diameter deformed bars
- 6 mm to 32 mm diameter plain bars and coils
- 5.5 mm to 12 mm diameter plain wire rod
- Standards: ISO; ASTM; BS; ES

Posted: 17 August 2006, 10:49 GMT. Permalink

Available: Steel Bars

Product:Deformed Steel Bars
Specs:10 mm to 40 mm
Quantity:50 000 metric tons per month
Price:USD 520 FOB Stowed / metric ton
More info:We are Selling Agents for a Rebar steel mill:
- 10 mm to 40 mm diameter deformed bars
- Quantity: 50 000 Metric tons per month
- Standards: ISO 6935; ASTM A615M; BS 4449; ES 262
- Country of origin: Egypt
- Price: USD 520 FOB Stowed / Mt

Posted: 28 July 2006, 15:51 GMT. Permalink

Wanted: Steel Coils, Plates

Product:HR Plate, HR Coil -- Prime and Secondary
Specs:Prime HRP SS400 or ASTM A36 or equivalent,
Quantity:size 18x2800x16000, 362 pcs; 12x2800x9750, 124 pcs;
Weight:Total ~ 2,600MT CNF Jakarta Port
Price:CNF Jakarta Port
Terms:Payment LC at sight
More info:We are steel trading company in Indonesia and established strong network of customers here for all steel products - Flat & Long : Scrap/HBI/BPI, Billet/Slab, HRP/HRC, etc. Also if you have prime stock, overrollings, secondary of HRP/HRC, kindly offer us.

Contact person:Mulyawan
Company:High City Ent. - Jakarta

Posted: 15 June 2006, 08:41 GMT. Permalink

Available: Stainless Steel Sheets

Product:Prime CRGO sheets
Specs:GOST 21427.1-83 Russian Standard
More info:Pprime CRGO sheets:
Length, mm Width, mm
1 600 240
2 500-1100 800-1050
Thickness: 60%-0,30 mm,20%-0,27 mm,20%- 0,35 mm.
Grade: 3404-3413

Contact person:Nikolay Stanchev
Tel.:+359 2 963 4662
Fax:+359 2 963 0408
Company:Metalstrade Ltd
Company website:http://www.aleximcorp.com

Posted: 8 February 2006, 07:14 GMT. Permalink

Wanted: Steel Billets

Product:STEEL BILLETS hot rolled for further rolling
Specs:55mm X 55mm X 6000mm up to 150mmx150mmx6M
Quantity:100000 m.tons in 12 months
Price:USD275.00 PER.M.TON
More info:Dear Sir,
We are looking for sellers who can provide us 2%P.G./PB from their Bank after receving pre- L/C advice from our Bank, AND who can provide their Bank reference to ask their existing business position confidentialy through our Bank.

Company:Exelsteel Trading Company Ltd.
Contact person:Managing Director

Posted: 6 January 2006, 03:54 GMT. Permalink

Wanted: Stainless Steel Bars

Product:steel plate,steel strip,steel bar, steel coil,cold rolled
More info:We need low alloy high strength structural steel, for ship, ship building, bridge, pressure vessel steel, boiler steel, carbon structural steel, steel for gear,spring steel, pipe steel,alloy structural steel, carbon tools steel,anti-weathering,cold rolled


Posted: 26 December 2005, 23:43 GMT. Permalink