Gold Board

Available: Gold Ingots, Bars, Bullion, Powder, Dust, Nuggets

Product:DORE BARS / DUST C/F term
Specs:22+ Carats 95% or Better
Quantity:500 kg Monthly X 12 Month
Terms:CIFat Buyer’s designated Refinery’s Worldwide
More info:accepting MT760, MT799, DLC, BANK DRAFT, ESCROW ACCOUNT, can also work with the below verbiage but the first quantity with this verbiage should be at least 200kgs and above
Gold Dore Bars: 500Kg/Monthly
Gold Dust: 500Kg/Monthly

Country:United States
Company website:http://william hans
Tel.:Call or text (514) 437-0527
Fax:Skype doctor.caspera

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