Gold Board

Trading: Gold Ingots, Bars, Bullion, Powder, Dust

Product:DUBAI - CIF - Gold Bars - 999.5 % & more- GLD Specification
Specs:24 - carats
Quantity:6000 kilo per month X 12 months Contract
Weight:1 kilogram
Price:Discount % - LBMA
Terms:Swift MT 700 , MT 760 BG - Buyside and Sellside 1% each
More info:I have buyers in the Middle East, India. I also have sellers in Africa, Asia and Europe. Both in Dore and Bullion. Only straight deals acceptable. Standard commissions both sides.NCND & MOU absolute necessary.

Company:Pranavam Metals
Contact person:Srinath Naidu

Posted: 22 December 2011, 09:22 GMT. Permalink