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Available: Gold Ingots, Bars, Bullion, Powder, Dust, Nuggets

Product:GOLD DUST A) COMMODITY: Aurum Utallum (AU)
Specs:Purity: 92.6%
Quantity:1500 Kilos Gold Dust
Weight:buyers hcountryome.
Price:30, 000, 000, 00 U.s.d
Terms:TERM OF SERVICE The buyer will take care of 6.5 % exportat
More info:Attention: Clients

Good Day, We the above Village Gold Miners from Kalana Village of Republic of Mali hereby seek for real Investors or buyers who can invest or buy our Gold.
The above Village Community Miners seek for real and genue investors or

Company website:
Contact person:Contact Person: Mr. Abunura Regina (Secretary Gen
Tel.:+223-7018 2882

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