Tungsten Board

Available: Tungsten Bars

Product:Tungsten Metal
Specs:99.96% Purity,M.P-3300 Deg.C,B.P-5000 Deg.C,S.Gravity-19.09
Quantity:1000 Kgs,Volume-12x12x450 mm/piece
Weight:1000 Kg x 12 months
Price:$ 34000/kg
Terms:Letter of Credit (DLC), Unconditional,confirmed at sight
More info:Procedures:

1º.- ICPO :

Buyer issues ICPO.

2º.- Seller’s receipt of ICPO, and Seller returns ICPO to buyer with its signature and seal.

3º.- Buyer’s receipt of signed ICPO, and Seller issues, within three days period since recei

Company:URL Associates
Contact person:Mr.Raj Jaiswal

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