Uranium Mining Board

Trading: Uranium Ore

Product:Emerald Mine in Zambia. Looking for Investor
Quantity:80,000 Tons Estimated Reserves
Price:Equity Funds of $2m-S4m required to develop mine
More info:Available: Emerald & Tourmaline Mine

Product: Emerald & Tourmalines Mining Rights
Specs: The company has mining rights and invites investors
Quantity: 80,000 tons of mixed grade emeralds
Price: Equity funding of between US$2 mil and US$3 mil

Company:Spancrete Zambia Limited
Company website:http://spancretezambia@yahoo.com
Contact person:Davies Kataya
Tel.:260-966409050, 0955443210

Posted: 5 January 2008, 06:55 GMT. Permalink