Nickel Mining Board

Available: Nickel Concentrate

Product:Nickel carbonate
Specs:Average values: Ni 42%, moisture 50-55%
Quantity:3-4 truckloads or containers per month
Weight:1nt supersacks
Price:% of Ni LME
Terms:FOB USA/Canada
More info:Pure NiCO3 crystals. Impurities: 0.6%Cu, 0.2%Fe, 1.2%Ca, 0.3%Mg, 3.9% Na, 0.15%As (averages). Looking for long term contract. Product can be used for Ni plating and/or remelting for Ni metal recovery.

David Droppert
Solumet Inc.

Company:Solumet Inc
Contact person:David Droppert

Posted: 3 October 2007, 13:55 GMT. Permalink