Gold Board

Wanted: Gold

Product:Au or gold
Specs:999.9+ or 24k
Quantity:1 bar to 500-1000mt (daily tranches)
Weight:1k, 6.2, 12.5, 74.6k
Price:Lmer 2nd quote of the day or preferred
Terms:Physical viewing or "No Lifting"
More info:Bullions or Bars
Specifications: 999.9 or better
Quantity: 1 Bar - 1000 MT (Daily Basis)
Weight: 1kg., 6.2kg., 12.5kg., 74.6kg.. succeeding
Price: US$9,000-12,500.00 or LMER (2nd qoute of the day)
Delivery terms: P.O.P. then P.O.F. (w/ R.W.A. to

Company:Atlantiz Trading Co.
Company website:
Contact person:Ma. Socorro Paminiano

Posted: 3 February 2007, 16:57 GMT. Permalink