Tantalum Mining Board

Wanted: Tantalite

Product:Tantalite concentrate ore
Specs:Min 25% Ta205, Nb205 Min 20%
Quantity:2-25,000kgs (2-25mt)
Weight:50kg+ bags/drums.
Price:U$ 45-51/lb see below.
Terms:CIF final testing on arrival
More info:Contact us for details that we need so to make a bid.

Contact us with full details including 3rd party assay -

Ta205 content:

$45-46 lb 1-3mts (30%+)
$45-48 lb 3-5mts (25%+)
$48-51 lb 5mts+ (25%+)

Subject to location and min Nb conten

Country:United Kingdom
Company website:http://www.camscorp.com
Contact person:Simon Glossop

Posted: 1 February 2017, 16:21 GMT. Permalink