Copper Board

Available: Copper Wires, Powder

Product:Ultrafine Copper Powder purity: 99,9996%
Specs:purity 99,9996% with certification IGAS
Quantity:plastic bottles/2.5 Kg, plastic box/300 Kg (120 bottles)
Weight:1'890 Kg in total
Price:6.26 USD per gram
Terms:FCO in EU by DLC (Documentary letter of credit)
More info:Origin Russia
located: at IGAS in Germany
minimum quantity 300 Kg
price reduction by buying the whole lot of 1'890 Kg

Company:Aktiengesellschaft für Geschaetfskapital AG
Company website:
Contact person:Christian Haldimann

Posted: 4 October 2016, 10:31 GMT. Permalink