Tantalum Mining Board

Available: Tantalite

Specs:22% to 30%
Quantity:5 ton/month
Weight:5.000 Kgs
Price:U$D 60.000 ton
Terms:Irdlc Transferible Divisible
More info:Quantity: 5.000 Kgs/month x 12 X 60.000 Kgs per year after the signed contract.
First delivery with 30/45 days.Additional deliveries of 30 in 30 days.
Insurance: 110% to be covered by the seller Port of shipment: the address of the port Santana –

Company:Terrafranca Transportes e Logística
Company website:http://terrafranca.wix.com/terrafranca
Contact person:Alessandro França
Tel.:+55 31 9283 9853

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